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November 6, 2016 Off

Fantasy World Naestved

By Ludvig Hoel

Located close to Naestvedt, Fantasy World is a huge area that cover 10000 square meter and is a part of Bonbon land,…

March 24, 2016 Off

Copenhagen tour guide

By Ludvig Hoel

Copenhagen is the most populous city in Denmark, and it is also one of the most scenic. Fortunately, there are…

February 9, 2016 Off

Aarhus tour guide

By Ludvig Hoel

Aarhus Tour Guide Aarhus is one of Denmark’s most popular tourist destinations, and it offers plenty to see and do.…

January 20, 2016 Off

The Viborg honeymoon

By Ludvig Hoel

Viborg Viborg, Denmark is one of the best and coziest tourist destinations in Scandinavia today. It has a very small…

December 19, 2015 Off

Aarhus City Guide

By Ludvig Hoel

Aarhus City Guide Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, second only to Copenhagen. It has a population of…

December 17, 2015 Off

Copenhagen on the fly

By Ludvig Hoel

Copenhagen Copenhagen was founded as a quaint fishing village during the 10th century, but today, just over two million people…