Romance, Dating and Relationships in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a region which never stops surprising immigrants from the rest of the world who come to live there. The surprises are not only in the way the communities are organised but also food, dressing, relationships, transport and welfare system. Because the surprises in Scandinavia are just too many …

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Best ways to get your dream apartment

Something interestingly peculiar with almost all the Scandinavian countries is that homelessness is a rare thing. when planning to move to Scandinavia, its always a good idea to know how to get your dream apartment in each of the countries including Sweden, Norway and Denmark. If you care to compare …

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Moving to another country from Denmark

Denmark is a pretty good country for immigrants to live in. But that be as it may, some immigrants only come to stay in Denmark for a short time before moving to other countries. The reasons for immigrant  moving from Denmark may vary from person to person but  often include …

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My passport is invalid; Visa has expired

For any traveller or expatriate, nothing sends chills down the spine more than the realisation that the very important travel documents are not valid anymore. You know, sometimes the stay in a foreign country can turn out to be full of fun and enjoyment that travel documents expire unnoticed. But …

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Dealing with Culture Shock

Culture shock is one of the greatest things that hold most people back from travelling abroad. Just the thought that you will be sitting there and looking surprised at how people indulge openly in what you abhor is enough reason for not travelling. For sure, everyone always feels comfortable with …

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Raising a Global Child

Today as globalization and more international jobs accept people from different parts of the globe, children who relocate with parents during such deployments effectively become global children. These are children who have lived part of their lives in different socio-cultural settings. They do not have a pure upbringing and have …

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Romance and Intimacy as a sojourner

I daresay that everybody harbors this great desire to travel and explore the world although with the naivety of its downsides. One common reality that people may want to ignore or put on the back banner is that a sojourner will never get enough time to establish a stable and …

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lawyer sweden

Lawyer in Sweden

Just like other Scandinavian countries, Sweden is generally a peaceful country with few cases of crimes. However, this is not to mean that you will not be in need of legal services. On a day tod ay basis, people living in Sweden will require different types of legal services including …

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social security lifeguard sweden

Social Security in Sweden explained

As a foreigner in Sweden, you are highly sensitive to how the system operates, your duties, responsibilities and rights within this new society. What makes Sweden attractive and liveable for most immigrants is its well developed and functional social security system. The social system in Sweden ensures that every person …

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Gambling Sweden

Gambling laws in Sweden

The laws involving gambling in Sweden are strictly regulated by law. This means that experienced gamblers who are used to gambling at international casinos and betting are most likely to not get impressed by what you see at the few real casinos or the online casinos. If you want to …

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rent house denmark

Housing in Denmark

One thing that stands out in Denmark is the rare cases of  homelessness. Again, the social system and various job opportunities available in the country makes it easy for everyone to have an opportunity to live a decent life. When you move to Denmark, housing should be the first thing …

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Get friends denmark

Get friends in Denmark

Most people in Denmark may seem too cold and assuming which makes it hard to  break through with getting a new friend. It is not so often that Danish people will open up to a conversation with you. If you are someone used to the warmth of interacting with others …

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study sweden

Studying in Sweden

For a long time now, Sweden has been home to students from across the globe who are attracted by the great facilities available in the country’s universities. Compared to the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden proves to be more welcoming to students from English speaking countries since Swedes speak it so …

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Learning swedish

Learning Swedish

Just like the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden has a particular pride in its language, Swedish. Although it may not be a primary consideration when being granted a residence permit in the country, it will soon occur to you that learning Swedish as an extra language makes life much easier there. …

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Private loan sweden - credit

Private Loans Sweden

One thing about Sweden is that the cost of living is relatively high which increases the chances that someone will at one time get cash strapped. Whether in need of money to buy some beautiful jewellery, a new model car or just foodstuff, there are various private financial institutions in …

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a kasse denmark

Social Security in Denmark

As much as the economy and politics in Denmark are largely stable, this has not taken away the uncertainties that people face in everyday life. There is always a possibility of losing a job, being unable to meet daily needs, injury at work, or inability to care for children. Denmark …

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Aalborg - study - work - expat

Aalborg Epat Quick Guide

Aalborg is a city located in the northern part of the Jutland region of Denmark. Being among the oldest cities in Denmark, Aalborg is home to some of the treasures dating back to AD1000. The city has experienced a fair share of bad and good times. In the 1530s, Aalborg …

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Insurance Denmark

Insurance in Denmark

Generally, Denmark is a safe country with few major incidences of public risks and uncertainties. However, individual private risks still exist. The private risks come in the form of car accidents, fire risks, property loss, and others. Many people living in Denmark have one form of insurance to take care …

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Lawyer Denmark

Lawyers in Denmark

Denmark is among the countries of the world which respect due process of the law and uphold fundamental human rights. Before the court can process and decide any case, anybody who is enjoined in the case is allowed to get legal representation by a layer of choice. Depending on the …

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Loan money norway

Probing the loan market in Norway

The loan market in Norway is saturated with offers, but we can divide the market into different segments. The banks usually specialize in the various products. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a bank offering one or all of them, though it might have an impact on advantages as …

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learning danish

Learning Danish

Just like in any part of the one, language is one critical way for connecting with the people around you, building trust and getting life going in Denmark. Without the power of language, it is very difficult to get help and if you are lucky to get it, you shall …

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Driver's License

Driver’s License in Denmark

Driving a private car is one of the things that someone will probably see the need for when living in Denmark. As much as public transport is streamlined with clear schedules, having a private car and a drivers document gives one some level of flexibility, reliability and control. Again, as …

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