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August 20, 2015 Off

The Stave Churches

By Ludvig Hoel

The Stave Churches in Norway The Stave churches are  the most important examples of the European medieval architecture when we…

August 19, 2015 Off

Oslo City

By Ludvig Hoel

The City of Art Only about a quarter of Norway’s capital consists of houses, streets and squares. Including Museums and…

August 8, 2015 Off

Borgund Stave Church

By Ludvig Hoel

Borgund Stave church Borgund stave church is located in Borgund in the Laerdal municipality in the county Sogn og Fjordane.…

August 3, 2015 Off

Viking Ship Museum

By Ludvig Hoel

Viking Ship Museum Located in Oslo, the Viking Ship Museum is a part of Norway’s Museum of Cultural History at…