Casinos in Sweden

Unlike Norway where gambling is largely restricted to the extent that it may seem illegal, the case is different in Sweden. In Sweden, gambling is legal and individuals are free to buy lottery tickets, play slot machines as well as get involved in online gambling. Especially new casino launched every …

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Getting friends in Sweden

Different people will give you all manner of experiences trying to make new friends in Sweden. Some will tell you the difficulty of breaking sociocultural barriers, embracing diversity and just being open minded. Honestly, even the most open-minded and easy going person arriving in Sweden for the first time will …

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Getting a job in Sweden

Having a thriving career in Sweden is everyone’s wish as soon as they arrive there. One important thing that a newcomer in Sweden needs to know is that a having a job is always a key priority. interested in knowing more about Sweden? Just click here for more facts about …

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Scandinavia – a long introduction

It is common to hear people planning to travel to the United States of America, Europe, and Australia. When someone mentions Europe, the countries that feature prominently are the big ones including Germany, France, Italy, or the United Kingdom. But in reality, there is a treasured region within the wider …

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lawyer sweden

Lawyer in Sweden

Just like other Scandinavian countries, Sweden is generally a peaceful country with few cases of crimes. However, this is not to mean that you will not be in need of legal services. On a day tod ay basis, people living in Sweden will require different types of legal services including …

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social security lifeguard sweden

Social Security in Sweden explained

As a foreigner in Sweden, you are highly sensitive to how the system operates, your duties, responsibilities and rights within this new society. What makes Sweden attractive and liveable for most immigrants is its well developed and functional social security system. The social system in Sweden ensures that every person …

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Gambling Sweden

Gambling laws in Sweden

The laws involving gambling in Sweden are strictly regulated by law. This means that experienced gamblers who are used to gambling at international casinos and betting are most likely to not get impressed by what you see at the few real casinos or the online casinos. If you want to …

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study sweden

Studying in Sweden

For a long time now, Sweden has been home to students from across the globe who are attracted by the great facilities available in the country’s universities. Compared to the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden proves to be more welcoming to students from English speaking countries since Swedes speak it so …

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Learning swedish

Learning Swedish

Just like the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden has a particular pride in its language, Swedish. Although it may not be a primary consideration when being granted a residence permit in the country, it will soon occur to you that learning Swedish as an extra language makes life much easier there. …

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Private loan sweden - credit

Private Loans Sweden

One thing about Sweden is that the cost of living is relatively high which increases the chances that someone will at one time get cash strapped. Whether in need of money to buy some beautiful jewellery, a new model car or just foodstuff, there are various private financial institutions in …

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Mobile - operators - subscription - sweden

Mobile Subscriptions in Sweden

When you arrive in Sweden, one of the first things on your list is always to get a means of communication. Your family back home will be happy to know how you arrived in Sweden and at the same time you will need the mobile Sim Card and data to …

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Work in Gothenburg

Gothenburg 1-2-3 Expat Quick Guide

In this comprehensive yet compressed quick guide, you’ll learn the basics about Gothenburg, where to get housing and work. First some fast facts Situated on the West coast of Sweden is Gothenburg; a city which offers everyone great hospitality, grandeur and diversity in every sense. Gothenburg which is now the …

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Learni something new about sweden

Facts You Need to Know About Sweden

If you’re planning on visiting Sweden soon, it is important to know a few interesting things before visiting. Here are some facts about Sweden to get you started. Geography Sweden is a country located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. To the west of Sweden is Norway in the Kolen Mountain range. To the …

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Gettting friends in sweden

How to fit in as an expat in Sweden

When people move to Sweden, they often worry about not fitting in with the locals. I agree, this can be tricky at times. The people who live here are different from most other people in a lot of different ways. At the same time, we have many similarities. Today, we …

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Nordic Museum in Stockholml

Museums in Stockholm

If you like history then Stockholm is the town for you. Here you will find numerous museums about everything between heaven and earth. Today we will be guiding all you expats through all the museums that Stockholm has to offer. Come along now, there is much to learn.  Tekniska Museet  …

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social security in sweden

Social Security in Sweden

Sweden is the land of beautiful landscapes, picturesque lakes, and thousands of coastal islands. This Scandinavian nation is known for its high employment rate and favorable social security benefits that make the quality of life here better than elsewhere. Sweden, like other countries in that area, is considered stable, strong, …

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Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Are you searching for a small country with a peaceful city life, the most beautiful landscapes, and topnotch living standards? There’s no option as perfect as Sweden.  Sweden is an excellent country for migration purposes. As of 2017, migrants made up nearly one-fourth of the entire population of Sweden. This …

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Trondheim at its best

The Most Beautiful Cities in Scandinavia

When talking about Scandinavia, Nordic countries seem to come in as well as many people believe they are one and the same thing, so it’s appropriate to differentiate both and avoid any confusion later on. The term “Nordic Countries” is used to refer to the countries and islands situated in …

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Work Sweden

Finding a Job in Sweden

Getting a job in Sweden is a very critical thing for you as a foreigner on a long term residence. With a job in Sweden, you will be able to get funds for meting your daily needs as well as get an opportunity to experience the nature and dynamics of …

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Malmø Expat Guide

Malmö Expat Guide

Malmö is one of the oldest cities  located South of Sweden which dates back to the 1200s. It was initially part of Denmark before eventually becoming officially demarcated as being a Swedish territory in 1658. Today, Malmö stands out as being the third largest city in Sweden with a connection …

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Stockholm expat guide

Stockholm Expat Quick Guide

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and lies on the Baltic Sea Archipelago. There are a lot of fun facts about Stockholm city. It does not only draw its attractiveness from its rich diversity of cultures but also the topographical nature. It has 14 islands and 50 bridges that …

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second hand stockholm

Second hand stores Stockholm

In Sweden second hand stores are not a new trend. In fact, they have been quite popular for multiple years now. Today, we will take a closer look at these shops and learn a bit more about what makes them so popular in the Swedish market. We are also going …

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scandinavia expat

Which Scandinavian country is best for expats?

In Scandinavia, there are a lot of countries and all of them are good for Expat. Still, the question remains. Which one is truly the best? That is exactly what we will be trying to find out today. We will be comparing Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Island to see which …

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