Scandinavian royals

So many expatriates enter Scandinavia and get so taken aback by the high level of political stability experienced there. In any case, Ukrainians still flee and try to find new homes in Scandinavia. Similarly. victims of war, political turmoil keep running away from Lebanon, Syria and West Africa to seek refuge in Scandinavia. So at … Read more

The Swedish Healthcare System

Healthcare Sweden

If you’re heading to Sweden any time soon, there are some things you must know about Swedish healthcare. The country’s healthcare facilities and resources are centred mainly around the concept of sustainability and equal access for all.  The country’s healthcare system is outstanding and usually ranks good due to its viable and affordable policies. Here’s … Read more

The Scandinavian Cities…let’s get the journey started


Every Scandinavian have experienced it, while visiting a foreign country. Norway mistaken for the capitol of Denmark, in turn mistaken for the capitol of Sweden, and all three countries in turn mistaken for being an unified country. Well, thats a long time ago anyway…. So lets get the story straight, and the facts on the … Read more