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Working in Sweden

Working in Sweden is a great milestone in the life of an expatriate. This is not because it assures someone of automatic success but provides an environment for workers to thrive. The level of motivation and labor protections for people working in Sweden is top notch. So, you who feels …

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Things to hate about Scandinavia

We often talk about the greatness of Scandinavia and why you should definitely move to live there. Today, we will be doing something a bit different. We will be mentioning some of the things that may make Scandinavia less attractive compared to some other European regions. It is perfectly okay …

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Goodbye Scandinavia

“Goodbye Scandinavia” may be the last thing that any expatriate wishes to say. Once you have lived in Scandinavia for a couple of months running to years, the system quickly sinks in. It means the emotional burden that comes when leaving is almost overwhelming. As part of the long process …

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How to get a job in Scandinavia

How to get a job is a worry for most people planning about moving abroad. In most cases, the actual decision to relocate to another country hinges on the high hopes of a better job and a fat salary among other benefits. Oftentimes by the time that a person decides …

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Norwegian Women

Norwegian women are not any ordinary group of random females. They are a true definition of what beauty can be. With their pretty looks, well-formed body contours and sharp blue eyes, an average Norwegian woman is strikingly beautiful and charming at the same time. Whether you come to Norway as …

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A Quick Overview of Iceland

The first time anyone hears the name Iceland, what comes to the mind is snow and ice. The brain quickly clicks that this must be an extremely cold country; a refrigerator of sorts. True to its name and whatever idea any one picks from it, Iceland is a cold country. …

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Getting friends in Sweden

Different people will give you all manner of experiences trying to make new friends in Sweden. Some will tell you the difficulty of breaking sociocultural barriers, embracing diversity and just being open minded. Honestly, even the most open-minded and easy going person arriving in Sweden for the first time will …

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Important Tips when applying for a job

Having a desire to join the job industry in Scandinavia is one thing and getting to actually work there is another.  For an expatriate, the thin line that separates the worlds  is a properly pitched application.  As the work environment continue to change, employers increasingly focus on the soft skills …

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Insurance in Sweden

Insurance in Sweden is not something to be taken lightly. Anyone who has travelled or lived in different laces understands that there are many risks that may occur. When such risks happen, it may drain your financials unless you have an insurance cover in force. When visiting Sweden, someone may …

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Myths, misconceptions and truths about living Abroad

It is not a easy decision to make for relocating abroad. Nonetheless, some compelling reasons make it inevitable to move. In fact, some people are always hesitant to take a leap into a new country but once they do, never look back again. Regardless of why someone decides to move, …

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Hacks for extending residency in Scandinavia

After some period of stay in Scandinavia as a student, worker, visitor or whatever reasons, you may begin thinking about possibilities of remaining back for some time. Sometimes, people make the naïve mistake of just sitting back with expired immigration documents hoping that the authorities will understand it. No way! …

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Studying abroad without a scholarship

Every year, every month, in fact maybe each day, ambitious students cross the borders of their countries of birth to pursue an education. The students who apply to study aboard are pushed by the sheer desire to get the best education in dream universities. It is was their hope to …

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Getting a job in Sweden

Having a thriving career in Sweden is everyone’s wish as soon as they arrive there. One important thing that a newcomer in Sweden needs to know is that a having a job is always a key priority. interested in knowing more about Sweden? Just click here for more facts about …

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Work in denmark

Getting a Job in Denmark

Everyone will agree that there is dignity in work.If you agree to this statement then it also goes without saying that there no better place to experience dignity of work than in Denmark. Generally, Denmark is an urban country which means that much of the population live in cities and …

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Interracial Dating and Relationships

Kenny Rodgers’ in his song “coward of the county” tells that “there is someone for everyone.” This line makes so much sense and meaning to immigrants who move into an entirely new society but still find love there. As you will be moving around the world, just trying to mind …

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Gettting friends in sweden

How to fit in as an expat in Sweden

When people move to Sweden, they often worry about not fitting in with the locals. I agree, this can be tricky at times. The people who live here are different from most other people in a lot of different ways. At the same time, we have many similarities. Today, we …

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Moving to Sweden

Moving to Sweden: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Are you searching for a small country with a peaceful city life, the most beautiful landscapes, and topnotch living standards? There’s no option as perfect as Sweden.  Sweden is an excellent country for migration purposes. As of 2017, migrants made up nearly one-fourth of the entire population of Sweden. This …

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How to become an expat

How to become an expat in Scandinavia

This is the perfect article for anyone wanting to become an expat living in Scandinavia. There are actually a lot of things you need to think about before moving here and today, we will try to cover the most essential of them.  Get a reason to move Moving to a …

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Esbjerg Denmark

Esbjerg expat quick guide

Esbjerg city which is in Esbjerg Municipality the southwestern part of Jutland. The port city faces the North sea and the Wadden Seas which makes it an ideal for lovers of soothing blue water. The city is how to more than one hundred thousand inhabitants which comprises of regular workers, …

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Expat Norway

Why expats should choose Norway

Since the start of the 1900 the world has steadily become more and more connected. Today, there is not a place you can’t get to if you try hard enough. In a matter of day, you can get to any country on our planet. You can even circle the globe …

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Why move to Denmark

Why expats should choose Denmark

There are many amazing countries in the world, all competing for your attention. Therefore, picking one to settle down in as an expat can be quite difficult. Today, we will be going through some different reason for why you should choose Denmark as your next destination on your journey as …

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Expat Aarhus

Aarhus Expat Quick Guide

As a newcomer in Denmark and worried about which city to live in, the auxiliary services available, attractions, and other forms of social services, then Aarhus city should be the right choice for you. The city of Aarhus is administered by the semi-autonomous Aarhus Kommune, which is responsible for most …

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Swedish Bloggers

6 Blogs by expats in Sweden

If you are planning on becoming an expat and move to Sweden, you might find a blog helpful for making the final decision. There are plenty of amazing blogs out there, written by expats living in Sweden. Today, we will show you some of the best ones to hopefully help …

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