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Social Security in Sweden explained

As a foreigner in Sweden, you are highly sensitive to how the system operates, your duties, responsibilities and rights within this new society. What makes Sweden attractive and liveable for most immigrants is its well developed and functional social security system. The social system in Sweden ensures that every person …

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social security in sweden

Social Security in Sweden

Sweden is the land of beautiful landscapes, picturesque lakes, and thousands of coastal islands. This Scandinavian nation is known for its high employment rate and favorable social security benefits that make the quality of life here better than elsewhere. Sweden, like other countries in that area, is considered stable, strong, …

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Social security in Norway

Social Security in Norway

When we think of Norway, the images of beautiful fjords come to mind immediately. Indeed, Norway is a stunning Scandinavian country and one of the best places to live in the world. Like Denmark and Sweden, Norway is among the nations with the best quality of life. Their social security …

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Expat Sweden

Why Sweden for expats?

The world has never been more connected than today. In less than a week, we can travel around the globe. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to live in your country of birth. In fact, you can live anywhere you want. So, with all of these choices, why should you chose …

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