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Study in Denmark

Denmark is a country of great academic opportunities at all levels including kindergarten, primary, secondary, collage and university. At all these stages, the country avails to the learners some of the best resources that enable them to get advanced knowledge in their various fields of interest. It is always for …

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Expat Oslo

Oslo – The Expat Quick Guide

The city of Oslo which is the capital of Norway has a rich history that dates back to 1000 AD. The city has played host to some of the epical moments in the history of Norway including offering anchorage to the ships of the Vikings as well as the tragic …

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Residence permit Sweden

Changing Residence Status, Getting Swedish Permanent Residence or Citizenship. Sweden is definitely an interesting country that ranks amongst the highest in the global happiness index. The school system offers the best training for cognitive development and careers offer excellent prospects for self-advancement. Therefore,  It would not be an exaggeration you …

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Residence permit Norway

Residence Permit Norway

Canging and Extending Residence Permits in Norway After living in Norway on a student permit, work permit, short stay visa or any form of temporary status, you are likely to get interested on trying to get longer stay there. However, you must know that the possibility of getting permanent residence, …

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