A list of the best family costumes for halloween

By: Ludvig Hoel

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A list of the best family costumes for halloween

Finding matching halloween costumes for the holiday can be a daunting task. If you have a dream of having the entire family dressed in similar styles, there are really only a few good options available, unless you go the route of creating the costumes yourself.

We love halloween and the spirit it manifests, so we decided to create a list of some of the very best family costumes for halloween. So let your imagination run wild, and let us inspire your next outfits and costumes. Enjoy!

Addams Family Costumes for Halloween

One of the most beloved onscreen families in movie history has got to be the Addams Family. Not only were they a breath of fresh air when the TV show was first released in 1964, but it was such a big success that there have been many remakes over the years, including movies and animated shows. 

And now Netflix has joined the fun as well, releasing the popular series called Wednesday, that premiered November 16, 2022, making these costumes appropriate for many different reasons, and due to the popular show, everyone will recognize the costumes.

Not only are halloween costumes depicting this family spot on, in terms of the overall theme of halloween, they are also great for the entire family due to the many different characters in the franchise.

We of course recommend you consider Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, or Granny Frump for costumes, but if you are more creative you might also want to dress up as The Hand, Cousin Itt, or some of the many other creatures seen in the various shows and movies.

All this combined makes Addams Family costumes a guaranteed hit for halloween, no matter which particular costume you prefer, and these costumes are therefore also our #1 spot on the list.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Costumes

Another franchise that is widely popular these days are the superheroes from the cinematic universe by Marvel. Easily let every family member choose their own specific superpower, and have them dress as cute versions of their favorite heroes.

There are also so many heroes to choose from, that even if two or more members share the same favorite hero, there is certainly another type of costume they will be more than happy with as well. The most popular halloween costumes are Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America.

But if you are feeling creative and are up for a challenge, consider going for The Hulk or Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. These two costumes require a lot of green makeup, but will be instantly recognizable, and can be a funny way to explore halloween.

In order to make the costumes more appropriate for Halloween, you can consider adding spiderwebs, bones and skeletons and other small accessories on the outfits.

Star Wars Halloween Costumes

These days there are many spinoff TV series and animation shows about the Star Wars universe, so families are no longer limited to working with a limited scope of characters.

Of course Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo are all popular choices, but which kid would not love being dressed up as Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian or Chewbacca?

You can find Star Wars costumes at most Halloween or party supply stores, or you can search online for ideas on how to make your own. Just remember to consider the age and size of each family member when choosing costumes. You should make sure that the costumes fit well and are comfortable to wear.

It is also easy to accessorize with authentic looking props such as lightsabers, blaster rifles, and helmets or masks. These can be purchased in countless stores, or even made using basic household items or craft supplies.

Pirate Costumes for Halloween

Another tried and true type of costume has to do with pirates. Your family can try visiting a thrift store together as well, where you can look for waistcoats, a couple of blouses, some brown pants and other classic attire.

These costumes can easily be made to look much more impressive with a few homemade eye patches, some bandanas and head scarfs, and perhaps a parrot plushie stuck on the shoulder. If you are looking for specific historic pirates for that extra accuracy, there are a lot of interesting characters throughout the ages that might be worth looking into.

It is also inexpensive to purchase a few plastic swords or pirate pistols from toy stores, hooks that go on the hand, and plenty of cheap plastic jewelry, which will add a lot of eye candy and interest to your designs.

Harry Potter Halloween Costumes

By now you might have noticed a pattern with our list. Most of these costumes are based on pop culture franchises that have had a huge impact on the entire world.

There are hundreds of different Harry Potter costumes for sale in the stores, making it easy to outfit the entire family for a memorable photoshoot, for inciting interest while trick and treating, or just for hanging out at home during the festive time.

You can also make these costumes yourself without needing much in the way of makeup and special fabrics, as most of the dresses and clothing are fairly standard. Therefore you can save some money if you buy school uniforms and add your favorite Hogwarts house as a logo or patch.