Den Glade Gris; Your plug Restaurant in Oslo

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a popular destination for many tourists each year. It offers everything amazing including lively neighbourhoods and friendly locals. It is also a good place for architecture and design enthusiasts. You can explore the innovative architecture as you take a stroll across the lively …

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Housing Allowance in Denmark and how it Works 

Moving to and living  in Denmark is generally very expensive whether you are a student or employed. At least most of those who have gone through the process can testify to how draining it can be. By the time you finally lay your hand on the NemID, get your CPR …

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Hints when Applying for a loan in Norway 

To get access to loan services in Norway, all you have to do is send an application to a lender of choice which may be a bank or any of the available creditors. Most lenders will base their decision on your credit worthiness. All financial institutions report your credit history. So, …

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Save your hurting budget with Norway Loans 

Norway may not be a favourite place to live in for people who cherish warm tropical weather with only mild cold seasons. In Norway, temperatures can be so low and moving around especially in Winter becomes a nightmare. But despite the agony of bad weather, dark and chilly winters plus …

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Dentistry and Tooth care Services in Denmark

When traveling to Denmark on a short stay Schengen visa, there is always a general requirement from a category of people to purchase  medical travel insurance. Typically,  non-EU travellers coming to visit Denmark need an insurance cover. The situation is different for someone who secures a residence permit for a …

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Car renting in Denmark as a Foreigner

Transport in Denmark is probably a topic that is likely of great interest to an expat moving to the country or just visiting for a short time. While the public transport system is well developed to include trains and buses, their route plan may not be so suitable to someone …

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Divorce issues in Denmark as an expat

Divorce issues can be emotionally and mentally exhausting whether you are initiating the divorce or not. In fact, so many cultures discourage divorce and couples always hope that they will remain true to their wedding vows of “till death do us part”.  But faced with the reality that the marriage …

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Get a Freetrailer in Denmark to Move your Stuff

Denmark is an amazing country with so many things for adventure, learn and challenge oneself. Although not so many out there may know that Denmark ranks among the exciting places to work, live, study, research and many more, it actually is. But, there is always the other side of Denmark …

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Online Marketplaces for people in Denmark

When you make your leap of adventure, tour of duty, academic tour or whichever, the assumption is that buying stuff is inevitable. Even if you are lucky to move into a fully furnished house, the chances are that not everything in the house will be enough for or meet your …

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Norway’s favourite pastimes

When you think of Norway, the image that first pops into your head is more than likely that of bleak yet beautiful arctic landscapes and striking fjords that rise up from vast glacial planes. In addition to this more traditional vision of Norway in which the great outdoors takes centre …

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The Most Popular Smartphone Games in Sweden

Sweden has been a prominent figure in the world of video games since the industry was in its cradle. There are several world-renowned game developers in Sweden, and some of the most appreciated games of all time have come out of Sweden. The trend of Sweden being at the forefront …

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Coming to Denmark Under the Au-pair Scheme

There are so many people out there longing to have an experience of Denmark, even if for a short period. There can be never a better way to satisfy curiosity about any destination than just visiting it. A chance to interact with the people, get a feel of the culture …

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Buying from Second Hand Shops (Genbrug) in Denmark 

Shopping in Denmark can be such a great experience because one gets to buy some of the best stuff around. Actually, Danes or even foreigners who live in Denmark tend to afford some of the niceties that people would dream of having. In one of our articles, we explained how …

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Drinking, Clubbing and Partying Culture in Denmark 

Generally, Scandinavia is a happy region with people being so trusting of the government. But over and above the issues of governance that make Scandinavia an exciting place for even internationals, merry making, barbecue, parties and clubbing are spices that define life there. In Scandinavia, you are either drinking or …

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90/180-day rule for holders of a Schengen Visa

For anyone looking to process immigration to Europe, the Schengen visa is that coveted gateway. After you process your visa and have the itinerary in place, it’s time to know more details about rules that apply in that part of the world. The best travellers of old told us that …

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Brief Details about the Schengen Visa

Are you planning to visit any or several countries in Europe and wondering the type of Visa you need? A Schengen Visa will allow you to visit all the European countries within the Schengen Area. However, you must provide proof of travel insurance, evidence of financial means, and proof of …

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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom captured headlines and drew world attention to her funeral. The queen was one of the most prominent figures in the UK Monarchy that operates side by side with the elected government. This hybrid system of monarchy and democracy still …

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Starting A Business in Denmark as an Expat

As a foreigner or an ex-pat, there are a few things that you need to know before starting a business. Denmark is a good place to start a business as it encourages entrepreneurship as well as innovation. However, remember that you should have a work permit to be able to …

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Signing Up for Childcare in Denmark

As a foreigner residing in Denmark, you may sign up for childcare services before your child reaches the age of 4 months old. However, both the parent as well as the child have to have a Civil Registration Number (CPR Number). You will also need a registered address. In Denmark, …

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