As an immigrant in Denmark, Avoid run-ins with the police

Denmark is a very peaceful country with barely a few incidents of security scare. On a normal day, you will encounter the police just doing their daily patrols just to reassure people of their safety. Similarly, the Danish Army is largely in their barracks because external threats are hard to come by. 

Something else that is pleasantly striking about the Danish police is that they really understand that their role is to assist the public. They will rarely harass you even when you are clearly on the wrong. You will see the police in Denmark trying to help excessively drunk people to safety and ejecting those disturbing from the public places without excessive force. For someone used to seeing police roughing up civilians, the Danish ones will seem too soft. That is a misleading judgement especially if you are a foreigner in Denmark. They won’t kneel on your neck to death like the case of George Floyd in the USA but they will write a report about you. 

Face of the Danish National Police in a nutshell 

The national police in Denmark get the best training available to execute their duty of providing law enforcement. If you ever come across the word “Politi” then be sure henceforth that it is a phrase used to refer to the national police in Denmark. The leadership of the national police department is by a National Commissioner, a force that forms part of the Danish Ministry of Justice

If by bad luck you get arrested for going against the law in Denmark and arrested, then upon arrival you may get booked. Information about those brought to jail are available from the police booking records. Police booking creates an offence arrest record.

Any suspect that has faced arrest is free to immediately post bail. However, you cannot be released until your booking process is complete. Being booked by the police in Denmark is a necessary condition when you get caught on the wrong side of the law. Even suspects receiving citations instead of being jailed often go through the booking process. 

Why Might You be Taken to the Police Station in Denmark?

Police might take you to the police station in Denmark if they suspect that you have broken the law. But in some instances, you may be taken to the police station over issues connected to mental health with reference to the Mental Health Act. However, when you are arrested by the police and held at the police station, there is a procedure that goes on.

The good thing that may happen to you is that, after being arrested, there are a few things that may take place. When you have been arrested by the Danish police, sometimes no further action may take place. Which means, nothing else may happen. 

In other news, you may also just receive a conditional caution or a caution itself. A fixed penalty notice may also arise in such a case of an arrest. Commonly, this is considered a fine. For others, it may mean going to hospital either willingly or under the Mental Health Act.

Most people are not in for police booking given the fact that the police can charge you without going to the CPS. In such a scenario, the police get to speak with your legal adviser to let them know if they have made a decision to charge you. This is possible for some offences like:

  • Theft
  • Driving offences
  • Shoplifting
  • Common assault

What duration is the Police Booking in Denmark?

At the slowest pace, the police booking process may take time to be completed. But the duration of this process is hugely dependent on the number of booking procedures being conducted. Also, it will entirely depend upon the number of arrestees being booked at around the same time. The number of police officers involved in the process is also a factor.

Steps in the Danish Police Booking Process

The police would normally start by recording the suspect’s name and the crime they were arrested for. The second step is the taking of a mug shot. These usually have various possibilities like in defining the time of arrest of two people with the same name. 

The third step into the police booking involves the taking of your personal properties and clothing into custody. This is quickly followed by the taking of fingerprints and conducting a full body search. Performing a health screening procedure is also necessary alongside checking of warrants. 

When arrested by the Danish police, it is logical that you expect that the police will elicit information that is relevant to incarceration conditions. Lastly, the booking procedure would involve the taking of a DNA sample from the arrestee. 

The Probable Reasons Why Being Booked by Police in Denmark Will Cost you

For sure the first few minutes, hours, or probably days after your arrest is characterised by quite a confusing time. This is due to the fact that you are dealing with various people and may not seem to understand very well what is going on. 

If you are arrested in Denmark, the police will have to book you in. On some occasions, the police can arrest you without any warranty when they suspect you to have committed a crime. After being booked, your case is transferred to the appropriate prosecutor’s office. Here an independent decision is made to decide on the charges that should be filed. 

The police are likely to perform a full-blown search of you and your immediate surroundings. This often makes very many people uncomfortable and may interfere with their privacy. The police take possession of your car and proceed to search it as well. Such issues are likely to interfere with your privacy and reputation. 

There is a possibility that the police are likely to secure any personal property and money. Besides, the police may ask you to sign an inventory. The police ask for basic information about yourself, fingerprints and photographs. Probably you will be required to line up or issue a handwriting sample. 

Once booked by the police in Denmark, your trial may not always be speedy as expected. Such things may cost an individual their reputation and relations. Thus, the reason why being booked by the police in Denmark will cost you. 

Hurtful consequences of being on police records as an immigrant in Denmark

In most cases, people who come to Denmark find very many reasons for wanting to stay longer. If it is not about the opportunities that the Danish social security offers then its about the great job and living environments in the country. As is the rule, to get an extension of residence in Denmark or get a permanent residence status, it is a requirement that your records be reviewed.

As a key consideration when applying for longer stay in Denmark, the authorities will subject you to a test of civility. You must prove in deed and fact that you are worth fitting into Danish society. I must mention that Danes generally fear the law and honesty is their other name. So you can just imagine how having a bad record with your local police will hurt you. It becomes worse if you are booked for aggressive cases such as rape, drug dealing, transnational crimes et cetera. Some of this will ordinarily attract a deportation.

If you are looking to have a peaceful and meaningful stay in Denmark, two things you must fear. One thing to fear is the law and the second, police. These two are silent giants that can badly ruin your life in Denmark.