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One thing about Sweden is that the cost of living is relatively high which increases the chances that someone will at one time get cash strapped. Whether in need of money to buy some beautiful jewellery, a new model car or just foodstuff, there are various private financial institutions in Sweden that got you covered.

Generally, private loans in Sweden include loan facilities given to a Swedish or someone with a long term residence in the country. Typically, in Sweden it woks like the private loans in Denmark, that often are offered by financial institutions other than the mainstream banks. However, some banks have also devised means for offering private loans to clients just so that they increase their revenue stream.

The financial sector in Sweden is becoming more competitive by the day which means that mainstream banks and other financial institutions are rethinking strategies to stay relevant. This reality means that accessing credits is increasingly easier provided that one meets the set out requirements. 

Nature of Private Credit in Sweden

In Sweden, private loans are given by corporates and individuals through private lenders. Though the banks are trying to get into this niche operation, their loans are not wholly considered as private credit. In most cases, the private credits are meant to help the borrower meet their immediate needs. The popularity of this kind of borrowing comes from the fact that they do not require elaborate processes of due diligence or any forms of collateral security.

By deciding to secure a private borrowing for whatever reasons, you are not alone. Today, so many people and start up entrepreneurs in Sweden rely on such arrangements to fund their needs. Typically, the loans are administered through peer-to-peer platforms which bring together various lenders and borrowers. From such platforms, you can choose which lender gives credit that suits your needs. There you can assess their terms and conditions.

Why take a private loan in Sweden?

Private loans in Sweden offer a financial safety net for cash strapped individuals and start-ups . The private lenders do not necessarily offer large loans but instead give some reasonable credit based on one’s demonstrated ability to repay. Ordinarily, you may want to buy a new electronic gadget, plan for a wedding, want to top up and buy a car or supplement your start-up capital. Going through the banking system for loans may be a long process .

The private lenders in Sweden try as much as possible to eliminate the lengthy process common with banks thus making it easier to meet your financial needs through a short process.  One thing that makes private loans attractive in Sweden is that they come at low interest rates and do not require so much security to access.

Expenses to which you can put Personal Loans

Unlike normal bank loans in Sweden which sometimes require that you spend on particular declared things, private credit is pretty liberal. With a private credit, you have the freedom to literally choose where and how to spend it provided that you meet the refinancing obligations when such a time comes.

In Sweden, you can take private loans for reasons including but not limited to consolidating multiple debts, making credit card payments, paying for events, meeting shopping expenses, buying a car or repairing your home.  The lender assumes that you will actually spend the loan for the specific reasons that you have but does not make follow ups to ensure that is done.

Qualifications for Private loans in Sweden

Just like any other loan facility, private credits too have various common requirements that customers must meet. In Sweden, you must meet various basic eligibility requirements before you can be given a private loan Some of the requirements vary from one creditor to the next but often include;

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • Your annual income should be minimum 120,000 kr
  • You should Swedish citizenship or have a valid residence permit
  • You must not hold any debt payment statement at Kronofogden (a Government Agency)

How much are the private loans in Sweden?

The private loans in Sweden vary from as low as kr. 5000 and as much as kr. 600000. However, the specific amount that an individual borrower will be given at any one time depends on your financial situation and requirements as well as your future ability to repay. 

As a good practice, it is recommended that one does not borrow more than 85% of their annual income since going beyond that may render them insolvent at individual level.

Benefits that Sweden Private Loans Offers to Borrowers?

The private loans in Sweden have something for almost every lender. At any one time, provided that you meet the set out eligibility criteria for loans, there will always be some credit that can be offered. There is a personalised approach to each client and a fulfilling unique experience.

The borrower gets among other things; safe and secure borrowings, easy online loan application , fast cash payout upon approval of loan application, lower interest rates and immediate solution to pressing financial needs.

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