Dentistry and Tooth care Services in Denmark

When traveling to Denmark on a short stay Schengen visa, there is always a general requirement from a category of people to purchase  medical travel insurance. Typically,  non-EU travellers coming to visit Denmark need an insurance cover. The situation is different for someone who secures a residence permit for a longer stay in Denmark. In the case of a longer stay permit, the Danish medical insurance will cover for most of your medical needs. In practice, everyone on a long stay residence in Denmark qualifies for medical cover and is issued a yellow card (medical insurance cover). Something that expats and visitors in Denmark needs to closely watch out for is tooth care Services. With a painful or sensitive tooth, it gets too uncomfortable to even enjoy the many amazing attractions that Denmark has to offer.

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While the Danish health insurance covers most of the common health needs, toothcare services for adults rely on insurance from the state. Anyone who has had a toothache can relate how uncomfortable it gets. Many people in Denmark experience tooth problems at least at some point in life. Maybe this is as a result of lifestyle choices like binge smoking and excessive love for coffee; but let’s leave that to the medical experts. 

All that an individual living in Denmark needs to know is that while children under the age of 18 years have full medical insurance for dentistry and tooth care, adults only get partial insurance. An adult in Denmark must be ready to pay up to 60% of the bill at the dentist. 

Solution for your tooth care and dental needs in Denmark

A toothache can be both excruciating and frustrating. That’s why dental care is critical whether you are home or away. Regular dental care will save you a lot of money and pain. Thus, once you are settled in Denmark, it is necessary to find a dentist for your dental needs. 

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The good news about dental care in Denmark is that the healthcare system subsidizes costs. However, the downside is that you have to pay most of the costs involved. It is not entirely a problem though because it gives you the freedom to choose your dentist. You could also ask your friends, co-workers and neighbours to refer you to one. 

Overview of Dental Care in Denmark 

Immediately after settling in Denmark, you will receive your CPR number and an accompanying medical insurance card popularly called sundhedskort or yellow card. It implies that the government will cater for part of your dental treatment. However, what they pay will depend on the type of service you are receiving. The subsidy will also be determined by your age and your type of insurance. 

For instance, for regular check-up, scaling and polishing or dental cleaning, the Danish state sponsored public insurance will cover approximately 40%. However, if you are a student, you might have access to special support from your local municipality if and when you have an emergency. The same applies to individuals on social support. Denmark extends free dental care to patients under the age of 18. Those from 18 to 25 get a small rebate. 

Optimizing your Dental Costs in Denmark 

Dentists in Denmark charge service fees that already include the government subsidy. Most dentists expect payment once the service you required is done. However, in some cases, you can make prior arrangements with them on how to pay for the costs. Dental care can become very expensive especially for those who require regular dental work. 

The best way to lower the costs involved would be to seek additional insurance. Most people in Denmark use sygeforsikring danmark insurance for their dental care. The advantage of this insurance is that it is a non-profit and therefore, you pay lower premiums. Also note that some entities provide special loans for dental care. To access these loans, you only need to prove that you have a regular source of income. 

Emergency dental care in Denmark

Dental emergencies can send you running to the dentist even after their normal working hours. Whether it is a toothache or tooth damage, you might require immediate attention. Do not panic. In Denmark you can call an on-call dentist from your local area clinic or from the emergency department. They are locally referred to as Tandlægevagten. Tandlægevagten are available to everyone including residents and foreigners. You don’t need an appointment to get treated. The only difference is that as a foreigner without CPR, the Danish health insurance will not cater for your emergency treatment. 

Dental Care for Children in Denmark 

If you have a child who requires dental care but you have no money you are in luck. As long as they are below 18 years, they are entitled to free dental care in Denmark. Your child will be able to access a range of services including braces, oral surgery and orthodontia at zero costs to you.

Furthermore, most schools in Denmark assign dentists to their institutions or keep them on retainer. The best part of this program is that it allows them to create dental awareness among children. They have special sessions where they teach them how to take off their teeth and do routine exams. You should also know that the municipal children and youth dental system automatically enrolls children below two years. 

How Much is Dental Care Likely to Cost in Denmark? 

Most dental costs in Denmark are standardized by the Danish Dental Union and the 5 administrative (Regions) of Denmark. However, this mostly applies to basic treatment prices such as normal check-up, cleaning, dental x-Ray, and simple extractions. Before deciding to visit a dentist you can compare the prices and decide which services to get. 

Most dentists will ask you to pay extra money to receive anesthesia during treatment depending on the level of pain involved. I recommend paying the extra costs if you can afford it to avoid any discomfort. The Denmark dental price guide also includes the amount required for extra costs such as anesthesia. However, the only sure way to know how much a dental visit will cost is to visit the clinic. The secretary or receptionist will offer you a copy of the printed treatment proposal list. The list includes the available treatments and the expected cost. 

Dental Consultation or check up Hours in Denmark

Most dentists in Denmark work from 8a.m to 4p.m. However, depending on an individual dentist, it does not mean that they are always available during this time. Dentists are mostly freelancers and may operate more than one clinic. However, before you panic, know that in such a case, they will leave a dental assistant or hygienist behind. Thus, you can still have access to simple procedures like cleaning, x-rays and normal exams.