Drinking, Clubbing and Partying Culture in Denmark 

Generally, Scandinavia is a happy region with people being so trusting of the government. But over and above the issues of governance that make Scandinavia an exciting place for even internationals, merry making, barbecue, parties and clubbing are spices that define life there. In Scandinavia, you are either drinking or smoking but in most cases, both will apply. It may come as a culture shock for someone who comes from a place where drinking and smoking are labelled as immoral but then that’s when you realize that things are different. When it is Friday, you will notice the number of taxis waiting to take home those who have taken one too many bottles. 

When you finally make friends in Denmark then that will be the easiest usher into learning the partying culture in Denmark. It is at such parties, drinking and clubbing that Danes will actually open up. A tipsy Dane is actually an easy Dane…someone may reprimand me for this but it’s an open secret. 

A Reflection on the popular cultures in Denmark

Denmark has been described by many as one of the happiest countries in the world. Danes are well known worldwide for legendary drinking culture. But come on, who doesn’t like to party and have a good time? No matter how busy you are, at some point you’ll wish to take some time off and have fun. In Denmark the most popular after-study and after-work activity is either drinking, clubbing or partying. 

Unlike in other countries like the United States, you only need to be 16 years old to buy wine or beer in Denmark. Furthermore, drinking is common here because it is legal to drink in public places. Though Denmark has no legal drinking age requirement, they have laws to protect minors from purchasing alcohol. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Danes find it socially acceptable for young people to drink during social events. 

Link between Alcohol and Danish Culture 

Whether you are a foreigner or live in Denmark, if you are not big on drinking and partying, you are likely to find socializing a challenge. This is because all social events in Denmark are accompanied by alcohol. On the other hand, if you are a traditional social drinker, you will fit perfectly in Denmark’s social events.

Danes are so invested in drinking and partying that they even have a specific occasions  where drinking is the norm. An example is the studentertid, which involves a lot of partying and drinking for high school graduates. 

Another event famous for drinking and partying is the julefrokost or Christmas lunch. As long as you have friends in Denmark, you will find yourself in attendance of one. Though the all-day partying also includes many traditional delicacies, lots of beer, gløgg, and snaps are the order of the day. 

Other such social events include J-dag, fredagsbarer, rusuge, Santacon and kapsejlads. So basically, the point is, Danes love to party and drink. Denmark is the one place where social drinking among youths is not frowned upon. 

Key Factors to Know when Drinking and Parting in Denmark 

You are likely to feel a bit of culture shock when it comes to partying, clubbing and drinking in Denmark. This is particularly true if you are from a country where there are many legal and social restrictions when it comes to drinking and partying. Never fear though, the trick is to learn a few key factors that will simplify your social life in Denmark. 

Denmark Beer Slang 

It will do your social life so much good to learn a few Danish beer slang  along the way. However, the most important word to learn is ‘cheers’ in Danish since it is the most common word in clubs and parties. 

The Danes say Skål, to mean cheers during their drinking adventures. Thus it won’t hurt your gangster points to say it loudly and proudly when toasting to good fortune and health with your social circle. Remember to make eye contact with your friends when making the toast to make the experience more meaningful.   

Learn a Few Danish Drinking Songs 

Clubs are likely to play international or local songs during social events. However, Danes have a real zeal for group singing. Hence, whether it’s a party or a local bar, your Danish friends are likely to break into a drinking song or two. Therefore, learning a few drinking songs will help you fit better. A good and popular example would be “Sail up the River,” 

It will also enhance your party experience and improve your mood since research  indicates that group singing oxytocin. Further, it will help you to bond with your new friends and form deeper connections. Right before drowning a shot of snap or some other drink, you will hear Danes break into a snap song. 

Learn to Balance between Play and Work 

In a country where it is considered okay to drink at 9 AM in the morning, it would be easy to get carried away. You don’t even need to create an excuse to drink in Denmark. For instance, you’ll find a few of your Danish friends drinking Gammel Dansk in the morning with their breakfast. The key is to create balance between your work/study life and partying, clubbing and drinking. 

Your experience with the Danish drinking culture will probably depend on your attitude and not to mention schedule.  While most drinking, partying and clubbing enthusiasts will find this culture intriguing, some people might find it challenging.  The good news is that you don’t have to drink in Denmark to be considered good company. 

Plus hey, you could even offer to be the designated driver when out with your friends and still have lots of fun. The key is ensuring that you have a good time and take a break from your normal schedule. Furthermore, social events like the Danish julefrokost also include other fun activities like singing, socializing and dancing. 

Also, remember that drinking can also be negative and could cause many problems so do it with caution. Reports indicate that Denmark is listed among the countries with a high number of youths with a drinking problem.