Stupid fines to avoid in Denmark

In Denmark, there are a couple of freaking fines that people end up paying just for being less attentive to what they ought to have done. The authorities in Denmark are always on the lookout for people who are not living up to the well-established social order in the country. …

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Paying your bills in Denmark

Paying bills in Denmark is something that should concern anyone who is moving to the country. As a person, you will need you to carefully plan your budget lest it becomes too overwhelming. When you come to Denmark from a country where the cost of living is relatively low, you …

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Aalborg - study - work - expat

Aalborg Epat Quick Guide

Aalborg is a city located in the northern part of the Jutland region of Denmark. Being among the oldest cities in Denmark, Aalborg is home to some of the treasures dating back to AD1000. The city has experienced a fair share of bad and good times. In the 1530s, Aalborg …

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