Paying your bills in Denmark

Paying bills in Denmark is something that should concern anyone who is moving to the country. As a person, you will need you to carefully plan your budget lest it becomes too overwhelming. When you come to Denmark from a country where the cost of living is relatively low, you …

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Finding Internal calmness in Denmark

It is the dream of so many to come and settle in Denmark. There is just a lot of positive publicity about Denmark which will attract any ambitious person. For instance, Denmark ranks so high on the global happiness index and people really trust their government. The Danish government is …

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Ukrainians Entering Sweden as first timers

Entering Sweden could well be seen as setting oneself into a basketful of a lifetime experience. For lovers of nature and its gifts, the abundant forests and lakes will keep life rejuvenated and for bookworms the well-equipped schools could just be it. Researchers and businesspeople all have a space to …

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Ukrainian Refugees and Immigration to Sweden

Sweden  is probably one of the to go to destinations as an ordinary traveller or  even in crisis situations. To confirm how attractive Sweden is to visitors, up to 1.96 million people visited the country in 2020 ( this is according to On the other hand, the United Nations …

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Ukranian Refugees and Immigration to Norway

Norway is a gem of a country that lies in Northern Europe. If you don’t find the fjords of Norway an interesting attraction then possibly the undulating landscape, ice covered mountains and seashore cities such as Kristiansand and Bergen will be something intriguing. Generally, Norwegians are normally friendly towards foreigners …

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Goodbye Scandinavia

“Goodbye Scandinavia” may be the last thing that any expatriate wishes to say. Once you have lived in Scandinavia for a couple of months running to years, the system quickly sinks in. It means the emotional burden that comes when leaving is almost overwhelming. As part of the long process …

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Studying in Norway

Norway for sure is a country of hidden treasures. Not so many people travelling to Europe or Scandinavian region end up in Norway. Aside from the extreme cold temperatures and dark winters for which Norway is known, the country has some of the best universities globally. Any ambitious man or …

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A Quick Overview of Iceland

The first time anyone hears the name Iceland, what comes to the mind is snow and ice. The brain quickly clicks that this must be an extremely cold country; a refrigerator of sorts. True to its name and whatever idea any one picks from it, Iceland is a cold country. …

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Best ways to get your dream apartment

Something interestingly peculiar with almost all the Scandinavian countries is that homelessness is a rare thing. when planning to move to Scandinavia, its always a good idea to know how to get your dream apartment in each of the countries including Sweden, Norway and Denmark. If you care to compare …

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Housing in Norway

Having a roof over your head is one of the most important things in Norway. Before making any steps into studies, research, job seeking or whatever reasons take you to Norway, you will buy a house or secure an apartment. Anyone who has lived abroad will tell you that the …

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How to afford a Scandinavian lifestyle

Affording to live a decent yet still within your means is obviously useful information for everyone in Scandinavia. Really, the cost of living in Scandinavia is higher than most parts of the world which makes it life saving to know survival tactics. In case you doubt how expensive life in …

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Scandinavia – a long introduction

It is common to hear people planning to travel to the United States of America, Europe, and Australia. When someone mentions Europe, the countries that feature prominently are the big ones including Germany, France, Italy, or the United Kingdom. But in reality, there is a treasured region within the wider …

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Getting to Live in Denmark

Getting to live in Denmark is a good opportunity and experience for anyone interested in having an international feel. In the wider Scandinavian region, Denmark stands out as highly agricultural and with so many job opportunities. in fact, there are always more jobs in Denmark than people who can work. …

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A Quick Expat Guide in Odense

Your experience in Denmark can never be complete without a visit or short stay in Odense. There is just so much in store for you in the city that was home to the prolific writer of the time, Hans Christian Andersen. Odense will surprise you with its unique historical and …

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Esbjerg, Denmark

In Southern Denmark lies the city of Esbjerg which opens up to the North Sea. Something that makes Esbjerg stand out is its port and the many institutions of higher learning around which make it more or less a student city. Nothing can be said about Esbjerg without the mention …

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Loan money norway

Probing the loan market in Norway

The loan market in Norway is saturated with offers, but we can divide the market into different segments. The banks usually specialize in the various products. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a bank offering one or all of them, though it might have an impact on advantages as …

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weather odense

The Weather in Odense

Weather is one of the key considerations before traveling to any new place. If you want to visit the third-largest city in Denmark, Odense, which is a literary wonderland and has many things to offer, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about its weather. Temperature …

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mortgage - scandinavia

How to get approval for a mortgage in Scandinavia?

In Scandinavia, it`s a strong culture of owning your own home but it might be tough for new citizens to get approval for a loan. The reason is that the banks are very regulated from the equivalent to the SEC after the financial crisis in 2007. Scandinavia navigated through the …

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Moving to Norway: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Moving to Norway

The epic coastline, rich history, and vibrant outdoors make Norway the perfect country for immigration. Particularly for the younger population looking to build a successful career. If you want to move there, you are not alone. Setting roots in Norway has always been a popular choice.  In fact, 4.3% of …

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First Experiences Arriving in Denmark

I am not quite sure what your feelings are on the first day traveling to a new destination. Mine was a mixture of excitement, worry, anxiety, apprehension, and a general emotional rush. Honestly, I was not quite myself throughout the journey. A Dream Come True I got in touch with …

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Stockholm expat guide

Stockholm Expat Quick Guide

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and lies on the Baltic Sea Archipelago. There are a lot of fun facts about Stockholm city. It does not only draw its attractiveness from its rich diversity of cultures but also the topographical nature. It has 14 islands and 50 bridges that …

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Skagen in Denmark

Skagen Expat Quick Guide

Skagen city is located on the northern part of Denmark where the Baltic and North seas meet. Actually Skagen is not a municipality city but rather falls under the Frederikshavn Municipality in Nordjylland. It is 41 kilometres  North of Frederikshavn and 108 kilometres northeast of Aalborg. Skagen City has a rich cultural heritage …

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Stavanger norway

Stavanger Expert Quick Guide

Stavanger is a Norwegian city located in the south-eastern part of the country. It is administered by the Stavanger Kommune which essentially controls virtually all the activities and preserve some of the city’s unique heritage dating back to the 20th century.  Stavanger city has both natural and man-made attractions which …

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Expat Aarhus

Aarhus Expat Quick Guide

As a newcomer in Denmark and worried about which city to live in, the auxiliary services available, attractions, and other forms of social services, then Aarhus city should be the right choice for you. The city of Aarhus is administered by the semi-autonomous Aarhus Kommune, which is responsible for most …

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Expat Oslo

Oslo – The Expat Quick Guide

The city of Oslo which is the capital of Norway has a rich history that dates back to 1000 AD. The city has played host to some of the epical moments in the history of Norway including offering anchorage to the ships of the Vikings as well as the tragic …

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