Knowing important Danish immigration agencies

Once you get a residence permit in Denmark focus normally shift to searching for oportunities and possibility to live longer in the country. Nobody wants to just gleefully pack up and leave a ocuntry that has one of the best social security systems and a working public service. But even if your don’t have a … Read more

The 183 days rule for those living in Denmark

Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries offering the best opportunities for ambitious and motivated internationals. Considering the field of work, education, research and development, as well as social support, Denmark stands out. Actually, a highly qualified individual who really wishes to come over to Denmark can always be on the lookout for the positive … Read more

Survival tactics in Denmark 

Denmark is one European country that may not be as popular as its peers but for those who already have hints perceive it as a great destination. Across the seas and over the mountains, so many people hope that they can just find an opportunity to come to Denmark, sit pretty and drink from its … Read more