Knowing imprtant Danish immigration agencies

Once you get a residence permit in Denmark focus normally shift to searching for oportunities and possibility to live longer in the country. Nobody wants to just gleefully pack up and leave a ocuntry that has one of the best social security systems and a working public service. But even if your don’t have a second thought about leaving, the process of exiting has to be systematic and not just you waking up and choosing to pick a next flight home-no way. Whatever the situation, your entry, living and eventual exit of Denmark has to be proceesed by relevant Danish immigration agencies. So, getting to know them makes whatever phase of the immigration process you are in less stressful.

Cracking Denmark as a first timer

Depending on which country you come from, Denmark can be such a tough cookie to crack yet enjoyable once integrated fully. Interestingly, even the Danes themselves don’t know so much about issues around immigration. Nowonder even if you get married to Danish, just do extra search for information and be on top of things.

Right from the point of getting a residence permit in Denmark, visa processing, arrival and registration, there’s a whole different way Denmark does its stuff. Procedures, processes and records mean so much when you live in Denmark as an immigrant. The immigration system do everything to vet and keep you on check throughout the stay there. Its very unlikley that any action commited by a forigner (or even citizens) that offend procedures and the law will go unoticed. So just be on the lookout every time.

Ready for a take off for a new life in Denmark

The Danish government being part of the global community of nations and committed to the regulated passage of people and issuance of residence permits try to streamline the process. Yes, you will find a sizable number of immigrants who relocate to Denmark for various reasons such as work, family reunification, cultural exchange, study or any of the prescribed immigration processes. Eventually, upon meeting the set criteria, some of them qualify for and get issued with permanent residence in Denmark or even Danish citizenship by naturalization or what we may call integration. 

Get through Immigrating to Denmark

Denmark comes across as an amazing Scandinavian country with organized and well functioning systems. You will be pleasantly surprised by how the country seamlessly continues to function with a monarchy while still operating a parliamentary democracy known as Folketing. 

The country also has some exciting employment terms, a high level of public safety, protection of children rights, advanced universal and free education at all levels and robust social security. 

Of course it may be naive to credit Denmark as a perfect society since it also has a couple of wrong things going on there like in any society. But on a balance of things, you have all the reasons for trying to relocate and start a new life there. 

Before even contemplating moving to live in Denmark, beware of your primary nationality. Like any country, Denmark classifies internationals based on their established relationship, trends of social behavior and more. 

Your visa and residence permit in Denmark is granted-good experience

For the purposes of moving to Denmark, your maneuvers will revolve around you being an EU/EEA citizen, third country national or a Swiss national. These identities largely based on which country you come from will determine what you get as of right in Denmark. It also determines how the process of getting a residence permit goes. 

Residence permits you may have in Denmark 

To be ripe for moving to start a new life in Denmark, know what the residence permits suit your situation. As a matter of fact, the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration will not refrain from rejecting a permit application that isn’t proper.

As a first timer trying to make a residence permit application for Denmark, take time to acquaint yourself with the right process. If in doubt, go ahead and get an immigration consultant to guide you through. Should you lack the money to get professional assistance, get in touch with someone who knows a thing or two about moving to the country.

If you’re fortunate to get an opportunity such as employment, research, cultural exchange or such kinds of avenues, the contact person in Denmark facilitates your immigration. In such a situation, the process of immigration will be stress free and much of the things will just be checking boxes. 

The known residence permit types in Denmark that you may apply for if it suits you include; 

  • Convention status, protection status and temporary protection status.  
  • Quota refugees (resettled refugees).  
  • Family reunification. 
  • Employment related permits (includes specialists, researchers and other knowledge workers, green cards).  
  • Residence  permits issued on humanitarian grounds. 
  • Residence permits in favor of  rejected asylum seekers in certain situations.  
  • Residence permit for Unaccompanied minors (special reasons). 
  • Students permit . 
  • Au pair permit.  
  • Permit for EU/EEA citizens  
  • Others permits (in regard to former Danish nationals, religious preachers etc.).  
  • Permits for Brexit, Afghanistan and  Ukraine

At the time of starting the application for a residence permit for Denmark, be sure whatever your situation is and primary reason for moving to the country. You may not just wake up and expect to get a special invitation to Denmark. It doesn’t work like that. If anything, the country strictly limits those who qualify for residence permits to prevent abuse of the system. 

Danish immigration agencies 

Moving to and living in Denmark as an international involves a series of steps that starts when you make an application for a permit to actual entry, living, longer residence, voluntary exit or forced exit from the country. At each of these steps, an agency is involved.

More often and out of sheer ignorance, so many internationals get frustrated not knowing which agency to contact at what time and for which reason. Honestly, so many things may come up on you as an immigrant that needs assistance by the agencies.

With contact to the correct Danish immigratin agency, you don’t need to get stranded at the border

It takes diligence to really understand which agency does what. Interestingly, Danish immigration agencies have their operation domains which they strictly observe to avoid duplications and conflicts. For this reason, you who need help must at least have an idea of which agency to consult. Of course a representative or even the local municipality (Kommune) may help with certain processes but it saves a lot of stress  if you have an idea about the relevant agencies. 

  • Ministry of immigration and integration (Udlændinge- og Integrationsministeriet)
  • Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (Styrelsen for International Rekruttering og Integration)-SIRI
  • Danish immigration service (Udlændingeloven)
  • Danish Immigration Appeals Board
  • danish return agency (Hjemrejsestyrelsen)
  • Danish Refugee Appeals Board

Be sure to research which agency to approach with what case and when. Since  you may not be familiar with the Danish language already, it may be hectic trying to navigate the entire process. But as long as there’s an idea on what your case is really about, it saves critical time when trying to process your case.

Final kicker

Being an immigrant or planning to be one in Denmark requires a high sense of awareness. Awareness in this case includes the new environment as well as the relevant local agencies to help when need be. As an immigrant, the most important starting point is knowing what agency really holds the key to unlock your case and make life easier. Learn more about the agencies and be informed of their mandate as far as helping with your stay in Denmark goes. 


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