Winning tricks to get perfect car insurance deals in Scandinavia

Across the different countries of Scandinavia, car ownership counts among the priory things especially for the convenience it brings. With the correct driving licence, it’s possible to get driving in Scandinavia but then to own one in your name comes with the need of a car insurance.  Anyone in Scandinavia already or has broadly read … Read more

Costs associated with Owning and using a private car in Denmark 

Denmark is a country where everyone tries to live a decent and convenient life with less struggles. Any foreigner arriving in the country will quickly pick the cue and try as much as possible to own the nice stuff that makes life enjoyable. Key among the important things to own in Denmark as a foreigner … Read more

Maintaining and servicing a private car in Denmark

People in Denmark have a particular taste for good things in life and don’t just stop at that, they buy the nice stuff.  Actually, any foreigner arriving in Denmark will notice that people buy dream cars, phones, electronics and even houses. Assuredly, within just a few months of living in Denmark, a foreigner will entertain … Read more

Common Bills to Expect when Living in Denmark

So many people would like to live in Denmark because of various things such as a good education system, great work opportunities, possibilities of career advancement and more. Again, Denmark is known globally for its top rank among the happiest nations. It’s therefore a no brainer that anyone would really use every chance to relocate … Read more

The best car insurance in Denmark

As an expat, you may be required to have a valid driver’s license and car insurance before you can legally drive in Denmark. The good news is that there are a number of companies that offer competitively priced car insurance for expats. To get the best deal on your car insurance, it is important to … Read more

Comparing Car Insurances in Denmark

When you are living in Denmark, it is important to have a good car insurance policy. There are many different companies that offer car insurance, and it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you. That is why we have created this guide to help you compare car insurances in Denmark. … Read more

Registration of Imported Cars in Denmark

As an expat, you may want to bring your car with you when you move to Denmark. Here’s what you need to know about registering an imported car in Denmark. To register your car in Denmark, you must have: A valid Danish driver’s license Valid car insurance Ownership proof for the car (registration certificate or … Read more

Insurance in Norway

Just like the rest of Scandinavia, socio-political stability high in Norway that someone may be forgiven for thinking that there are no risks in the country whatsoever. This assumption is far from the truth because insecurity and risks are two different things. There isn’t any second guessing about the fact that life is random and … Read more

Getting Your First car and Starting to Drive in a Foreign Country

As the world quickly becomes a global village, so is the need to always have convenient means of mobility. Nothing makes traveling easier and enjoyable, especially when in a new country like having your own car. When you get your own car, it only takes your own decision to decide where to go, when and … Read more

Insurance in Denmark

Insurance Denmark

Generally, Denmark is a safe country with few major incidences of public risks and uncertainties. However, individual private risks still exist. The private risks come in the form of car accidents, fire risks, property loss, and others. You can easily find insurance here: Many people living in Denmark have one form of insurance to take … Read more