Maintaining and servicing a private car in Denmark

People in Denmark have a particular taste for good things in life and don’t just stop at that, they buy the nice stuff.  Actually, any foreigner arriving in Denmark will notice that people buy dream cars, phones, electronics and even houses. Assuredly, within just a few months of living in Denmark, a foreigner will entertain … Read more

The Process of Signing Off and Relocating from Denmark as a Foreigner

Anyone who gets a chance of moving to live in Denmark for whatever reasons hits a jackpot. So many opportunities lie in Denmark for foreigners willing to work hard, remain honest and play by the strict rules that define Danish society. Among the things that make Denmark exciting and attractive for foreigners include great work … Read more

Holiday Money ( feriepenge) in Denmark Helps Workers to Travel the World

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so they say. Denmark is one country where companies and employers really take this saying so seriously. As much as possible, workers in Denmark take a break at a point during the year. In fact, those who have worked in Denmark may testify that the … Read more

Work opportunities in Denmark for expat professionals or skilled  workers courtesy of the Positive List 

In the previous years, Denmark could be easily ignored by foreigner seeking greener pastures abroad. You probably know of people thronging the embassies of many countries attempts to move whether to the USA, Canada, the UK etc, but Denmark isn’t so common a destination. The news is that things have changed so fast in the … Read more

FAQs about Money Transfers from Denmark

If you’re an expat living in Denmark, you may have questions about money transfers. Here are some frequently asked questions about money transfers from Denmark: 1. What are the most common methods for transferring money out of Denmark? The most common methods for transferring money out of Denmark are bank transfers and money transfer services. … Read more

The 183 days rule for those living in Denmark

Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries offering the best opportunities for ambitious and motivated internationals. Considering the field of work, education, research and development, as well as social support, Denmark stands out. Actually, a highly qualified individual who really wishes to come over to Denmark can always be on the lookout for the positive … Read more

Best paying jobs for ex-pats in Denmark

Generally, Denmark ranks among the best countries in the world for expat workers. The attractiveness of Denmark is not only in its fair labour practices but also string labour unions, lucrative salaries and an environment that allows everyone to fully explore their limits. For each job, there is always an allocation for research and development … Read more

Working in Sweden

Working in Sweden is a great milestone in the life of an expatriate. This is not because it assures someone of automatic success but provides an environment for workers to thrive. The level of motivation and labor protections for people working in Sweden is top notch. So, you who feels like your current employer does … Read more

Working and Earning Online

Woking online is a in thing today. So many people who have understood the great possibilities online are already making their way into the billionaire class. Whether it is through content creation, vlogging, blogging, setting up of webshop, podcast, the online space is surely abuzz with activity. The generation today almost depend entirely on using … Read more

Tips for Getting a Job in Denmark

Work in denmark

Getting at least a starting job in Denmark as fast as possible is the desire of every immigrant. At the point of deciding to move to Denmark, people re always unsure how things will unfold. Top in the list of worries is the possibility of not getting a source of income or taking way too … Read more

My passport is invalid; Visa has expired

For any traveller or expatriate, nothing sends chills down the spine more than the realisation that the very important travel documents are not valid anymore. You know, sometimes the stay in a foreign country can turn out to be full of fun and enjoyment that travel documents expire unnoticed. But no one may want to … Read more

Raising a Global Child

Today as globalization and more international jobs accept people from different parts of the globe, children who relocate with parents during such deployments effectively become global children. These are children who have lived part of their lives in different socio-cultural settings. They do not have a pure upbringing and have acquired bits of socialization at … Read more

A Quick Expat Guide in Odense

Your experience in Denmark can never be complete without a visit or short stay in Odense. There is just so much in store for you in the city that was home to the prolific writer of the time, Hans Christian Andersen. Odense will surprise you with its unique historical and cultural heritage. Modernity too has … Read more

Starting and Operating a Webshop

Businesses have significantly changed their strategy especially when Covid-19  resulted in restricted movements, lockdowns, and all manner of knee jerk reactions. The online business and marketplace has proven as a lifesaver for most business which had initially started on e-marketing. Before Covid-19 happened, it was normal for people to take a walk downtown, enter a … Read more

Romance and Intimacy as a sojourner

I daresay that everybody harbours this great desire to travel and explore the world although with the naivety of its downsides. One common reality that people may want to ignore or put on the back banner is that a sojourner will never get enough time to establish a stable and working romantic relationship. Whether the … Read more

Life After completing Studies as a Foreigner

It is one thing to settle on a tour of study in a foreign country and another thing to make end-of-studies decisions. In most cases, the initial period of stay in a new place can be so harrowing, strange, and uncomfortable to say the least. In fact, most students would feel the urge to abandon … Read more

Tromsø Expat Quick Guide

Tromso - work - study - expat

Norway is probably one of the most attractive destinations in Scandinavia due to its extremely wonderful landscapes, fjords and ice capped mountains. It is breathtaking to witness the magnificence of nature in this far West European country. Tromsø is one of the cities in Norway that hosts some of the treasures some of which date … Read more

Aalborg Epat Quick Guide

Aalborg - study - work - expat

Aalborg is a city located in the northern part of the Jutland region of Denmark. Being among the oldest cities in Denmark, Aalborg is home to some of the treasures dating back to AD1000. The city has experienced a fair share of bad and good times. In the 1530s, Aalborg suffered various religious civil wars … Read more

All about Scandinavia for you

scandinavian countries life and happiness

On the face of it, Scandinavia doesn’t match our typical ideas about a region worth migrating to. It doesn’t make it to global headlines all the time, it has a tiny population, and frankly, most of us really don’t really know much about the place. When we think of migration, most people automatically steer towards the … Read more

Gothenburg 1-2-3 Expat Quick Guide

Work in Gothenburg

In this comprehensive yet compressed quick guide, you’ll learn the basics about Gothenburg, where to get housing and work. First some fast facts Situated on the West coast of Sweden is Gothenburg; a city which offers everyone great hospitality, grandeur and diversity in every sense. Gothenburg which is now the third largest in Sweden has … Read more

Moving to Sweden: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Moving to Sweden

Are you searching for a small country with a peaceful city life, the most beautiful landscapes, and topnotch living standards? There’s no option as perfect as Sweden.  Sweden is an excellent country for migration purposes. As of 2017, migrants made up nearly one-fourth of the entire population of Sweden. This figure is expected to rise … Read more

Free Time for a Student in Denmark

Free time in Denmark

Being a student in Denmark whether on a scholarship or not means life is largely cut out; in most cases, the spare time out of the lecture halls is the period to make critical choices that determine the next phase of life after completion of studies. It also makes one interact with Danes in different … Read more

Social Security in Norway

Social security in Norway

When we think of Norway, the images of beautiful fjords come to mind immediately. Indeed, Norway is a stunning Scandinavian country and one of the best places to live in the world. Like Denmark and Sweden, Norway is among the nations with the best quality of life. Their social security is more organized than in … Read more

Bergen Expat Guide

Bergen Expat Guide

Bergen was founded in 1070 as Bjørgvin by King Olaf III Haraldsson. For centuries, Bergen played a critical role in Norway as a trade centre where commodities such as fish, fur, manufactured goods and grain were traded. In the Middle Ages Bergen was a member of the Hanseatic League and Norway’s capital. The great heritage from … Read more

Malmö Expat Guide

Malmø Expat Guide

Malmö is one of the oldest cities  located South of Sweden which dates back to the 1200s. It was initially part of Denmark before eventually becoming officially demarcated as being a Swedish territory in 1658. Today, Malmö stands out as being the third largest city in Sweden with a connection to the Central Europe via … Read more

Trondheim Expat Guide

Trondheim can be loosely considered the home of the oldest religious civilisation in Norway. Having been founded in the year 997, Trondheim  has a long religious history evidenced by the towering Nidaros Cathedral. The Cathedral stands out not only in Norway but also the entire Scandinavia as the largest medieval building. This fact places Trondheim … Read more

Stockholm Expat Quick Guide

Stockholm expat guide

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and lies on the Baltic Sea Archipelago. There are a lot of fun facts about Stockholm city. It does not only draw its attractiveness from its rich diversity of cultures but also the topographical nature. It has 14 islands and 50 bridges that are skillfully constructed to enable … Read more

Skagen Expat Quick Guide

Skagen in Denmark

Skagen city is located on the northern part of Denmark where the Baltic and North seas meet. Actually Skagen is not a municipality city but rather falls under the Frederikshavn Municipality in Nordjylland. It is 41 kilometres  North of Frederikshavn and 108 kilometres northeast of Aalborg. Skagen City has a rich cultural heritage defined by its characteristic yellow … Read more

Odense Expat Quick Guide

Odense in Denmark

If you thought you have enough information about Denmark or just wondering why you need to stay in Odense, then you are yet to experience more in the city. Odense is a cultural and historical city from where renowned writer Hans Christian Andersen was born. This alone should tell you that Odense is a city … Read more

Getting a Job in Denmark

Getting job denmark

Denmark has diverse job opportunities for its citizens and foreigners. Depending on your level of expertise, you can get either professional or non-professional job in Denmark as long as you are willing to remain committed to it. Interestingly, Denmark offers comparatively favourable hourly rates and jobs that are flexible. Whether in professional or non-professional employment, … Read more

Stavanger Expert Quick Guide

Stavanger norway

Stavanger is a Norwegian city located in the south-eastern part of the country. It is administered by the Stavanger Kommune which essentially controls virtually all the activities and preserve some of the city’s unique heritage dating back to the 20th century.  Stavanger city has both natural and man-made attractions which will likely carry you away. … Read more

Getting a Job in Norway

Finding a job norway

If you want to be an expatriate in Norway, you need a job that earns at least a living income to meet your recurrent expenditure and even save. The Norwegian labor market is very receptive to skilled and exemplary human resource. The receptiveness of the employers notwithstanding, you will still need to build professional networks … Read more