The Process of Signing Off and Relocating from Denmark as a Foreigner

Anyone who gets a chance of moving to live in Denmark for whatever reasons hits a jackpot. So many opportunities lie in Denmark for foreigners willing to work hard, remain honest and play by the strict rules that define Danish society. Among the things that make Denmark exciting and attractive for foreigners include great work opportunities, an advanced education system, robust social security system and more.

But even as one arrives in Denmark and gains a proper foothold, the next important thing to think about is what to do when it’s time to leave. Nobody may wish to get to that time when it becomes necessary to exit from Denmark and start life elsewhere or completely return home. However, at the expiry of the legal stay and it becomes difficult to get permanent residence or citizenship in Denmark, no option is left rather than pack up and go home. 

Because so many people do not plan their exit from Denmark well ahead of time, not to mention at the arrival, they end up making rus-decisions. The Danish social system is structured in such a way that just like entering is a process, getting out is in steps too. The process even becomes longer if you have worked, invested or owned property in the country. Failure to process your relocation from Denmark correctly may result in losses of certain benefits that may have been due to you. 

This is why foreigners Like Coming to Denmark

Other than ranking top as one of the happiest states, Denmark has remained a home to so many internationals. Besides, Denmark is a very comfortable home for immigrants to live in their short duration as they await going back home.

The reasons why different persons move to Denmark are varied but all coil down to some key common ones. The desire to have better opportunities in life from employment, development and growth to experience the joy and love Denmark has to offer. Moving to Denmark to most people, has always remained to be the best decision ever.

Saying goodbye maybe the last thing that any expatriate or an immigrant would wish to do. Once you have lived in Denmark, adjusted and the system has quickly sunk very well as you live your daily life, leaving becomes an aback. It becomes an emotional burden that concurs you when leaving is just overwhelming.

Hard as it is, there comes a time for a start and an end to whatever journey. When it is time to leave Denmark, to your new destination or go back home, then you have no choice but to oblige. But before leaving, there is a process that you must follow to allow for a smooth exit from Denmark.

Reasons Why you would want to Exit Denmark 

There are a number of reasons why someone would wish to leave Denmark after a period of time. The specific reasons depend on an individual person’s situation and so vary from one person to the other. Commonly, most people would be yearning for better opportunities or a transfer from your place of work. For some, this could be with respect to their inability to cope with significant issues related to culture and lifestyle. 

When you move to a new place, adjusting can be very complex and for some people, it may fail completely. You may feel the impact and burden of learning Danish and integrating into Danish culture. And if it completely fails, you have no choice but to sign out and seek comfort and happiness.

But whatever reasons that would motivate you to leave Denmark, one thing stands out. You get equal treatment and everyone welcomes you to their country easily once you have lived in Denmark. Basically, I believe this can be so since Denmark gives you a magical coating of good fortunes that follow you all the way through. 

Denmark is highly ranked in the world for nurturing a successful social system with a high respect to law. People who have lived in Denmark behave exceptionally and are hard working. The Danish social system makes this possible. The moment you mention you have lived in Denmark; positivity will crown people’s judgement of who you are.

Meanwhile, what do you Need to do Before Leaving Denmark?

It is very possible that you are able to move to any part of the world to any other state given you got the right documentation. However, you must note that this procedure involves a background check. Applications and considerations made by the immigration department on their applicants, will be majorly based on where they have lived successfully before.

The process of leaving Denmark to your new destination takes on several steps. Besides, there are key practical matters that you need to pay close attention to. So, in this article, we offer you a step-by-step guide with information about all you need to know before leaving Denmark. 

Clear With the Public Authorities

1. Request for an Exit Interview

If you have been working in Denmark, it is proper that you request your employer for this interview. In some instances, this is always planned prior to your exit time but if not, you have a right to request for it. During this process, the company and even you have a chance to learn a lot from this conversation about your stay.

2. Deregister from the Danish National Register

When you leave Denmark to your new destination or your home country, it is required that you report the relocation to the Danish Civil Registration System. Deregistration is possible online through the DCRS website. A month before your departure, you need to deregister from your municipality.

Moreover, when you have deregistered, your CPR number will since then remain inactive. If this is the case, it would also mean that you will not be able to use your yellow health insurance card. It is appropriate that you need to destroy it immediately after exiting.

3. Notify the Tax Authorities

Notify the Danish Tax Agency before exiting and be keen to offer your new contact information. When filing your tax returns, also ensure to meet significant deadlines. In addition, if you own a car registered in Denmark, you are allowed to carry it to your new destination or home country. But you must deregister the vehicle first.

4. Destroy Residence Card

For a non-EU/EEA citizen who holds the pink residence card must destroy this card immediately after leaving Denmark. This is mostly done if you are exiting Denmark permanently.

5. Keep your NemID

This is however only possible if you meet the following conditions;

  • If you inform the NemID of your new address 
  • Renew your NemID after every three years

Clear With the Bank and Insurance 

Notify your bank in Denmark of your relocation procedure to see if there are any possibilities of keeping your account active. This can be active for about 6-months to see if you have a receipt of reimbursements.

Work out issues relating to your Pay and Pension

Ensure that when you are leaving, you clear and settle your holiday pay and settle any issues with your pension. Both your pending holiday money and pension can be paid to you while you are out of Denmark. So, it is very important that you make contact with both institutions before leaving Denmark.