Holiday Money ( feriepenge) in Denmark Helps Workers to Travel the World

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so they say. Denmark is one country where companies and employers really take this saying so seriously. As much as possible, workers in Denmark take a break at a point during the year. In fact, those who have worked in Denmark may testify that the annual holiday plan is god sent. It is at such time that workers get time not only to refresh but also catch up on many fronts.  

It is on record that Denmark ranks highly on all the key factors that surround happiness. The aspects of freedom, care, honesty, generosity, good governance, health and income are excellently catered for in Denmark. These factors are closely observed across every sector of the country and most specifically among the working population. 

The most astonishing fact about working in Denmark is the presence of its progressive labour regulations. Such regulations have set the minimum wage for both the foreigners and sector workers to be treated equally. This is also as far as working conditions are concerned. What this means is that the labour laws ensure fairness in recruitment, salary, and provisions for all whether a Danish citizen or not.

One of the elements of pay that workers enjoy in Denmark is the holiday pay. People who belong to the Danish labour force and are actively working, can always look forward to the holiday money. The Danish government offers a monthly contribution to your earnings depending on how much you earn.

Holiday Money in Denmark

In some occasions it is referred to as “feriepenge”. It refers to a monthly contribution from your salary into a special fund and it is heavily dependent on your level of earnings. This money can be claimed every once a year given that you actually take your holiday off work. 

All the Danish employees often receive notifications regarding when this money can be possibly paid out. Commonly, the holiday money is mostly paid in May and directed to the website. It is from where you claim it from the national administrator Udbetaling Danmark.

However, there is a totally new version of the Danish Holiday Act which came in 2020. The new Act implemented a change into the way this money is earned and how it should be used. Also, it explains the dates on which the period of earning is set.

What it means is that the calendar year is no longer a determining factor on holiday earnings. The workers are at liberty to approximate their vacation time in the period between September the 1st and 30th August.

The key point to note is that the resulting outcome focusses on the particular amount of money from the overlapping period of accrual. This amount is not usually included in the holiday money. The intention was to hold this money and pay it out when you finally leave the Danish labour force. 

Holiday Money Making it Easier for Workers to Travel the World in Denmark 

For a modern individual employed, a decent pay and favourable set of responsibilities is not really enough to make working in Denmark worth pursuing. But much appreciation is rendered to the Danish government in trying to create changes in the values of the workplace in Denmark.

In addition to the increased number of available options both to the employers and the employees, there is great competition in terms of employment benefits. The general offers like health insurance, retirement plans are still worth noting. But the most exciting and unique package is the additional holiday pay that Danish workers enjoy.

The logistics and the costs of offering the vacation money are always a bit complex, but there is always a great benefit attached to this. Getting to save enough money for your vacation can sometimes take years and ages. But with the Danish government strategy of holiday money, many workers in Denmark are able to travel the world.

With the holiday money offered, you would easily travel to any Scandinavian countries or even far beyond without having any worries. It is also possible that you could also afford a vacation to your dream destination. This in turn would raise your morale as you get back from holiday well rested. 

Managing Holiday Money in Denmark

The Danish government has in place two main practices of managing holiday pay in Denmark. In the first practice, workers generally have the right to five to six weeks of vacation annually. In another, there are procedures followed for those in white-collar jobs and those in blue-collar jobs.

Workers can either take time off work and continue receiving their normal paycheck. Or the employers continue to submit 12.5% in addition to workers salary as a contribution towards a special vacation fund. 

The rules and procedures surrounding the management of holiday money in Denmark are quite complex. This is attributed to the fact that there are several models used and various companies and institutions use their preferred model. But by law, the Danish government guarantees every worker at least a five to six weeks of vacation annually with a full pay.

Holiday Days Off and Care Days

The employer in Denmark has a duty to pay holiday money and as an employee, your duty is to utilise the holiday covered by this pay. In other workstations, the employers have practices which give employees the right to care days. This is added on top of an employee’s five days of holiday.

The extra days you get from your employer in addition to your holiday allowance are what are commonly called the care days. However, it is very important to check with your employer for a clear understanding of the available agreements for the same.