Holiday Money ( feriepenge) in Denmark Helps Workers to Travel the World

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so they say. Denmark is one country where companies and employers really take this saying so seriously. As much as possible, workers in Denmark take a break at a point during the year. In fact, those who have worked in Denmark may testify that the … Read more

Work opportunities in Denmark for expat professionals or skilled  workers courtesy of the Positive List 

In the previous years, Denmark could be easily ignored by foreigner seeking greener pastures abroad. You probably know of people thronging the embassies of many countries attempts to move whether to the USA, Canada, the UK etc, but Denmark isn’t so common a destination. The news is that things have changed so fast in the … Read more

Get your NemID in Denmark Today

If CPR number is a gateway to public services in Denmark, then NemID is the key. I mean the two almost go together when it comes to getting public services in Denmark. Just to give you an impression of it, anyone with a social media account must have had to fill in some information under … Read more

Best paying jobs for ex-pats in Denmark

Generally, Denmark ranks among the best countries in the world for expat workers. The attractiveness of Denmark is not only in its fair labour practices but also string labour unions, lucrative salaries and an environment that allows everyone to fully explore their limits. For each job, there is always an allocation for research and development … Read more