Best paying jobs for ex-pats in Denmark

Best paying jobs for ex-pats in Denmark

Generally, Denmark ranks among the best countries in the world for expat workers. The attractiveness of Denmark is not only in its fair labour practices but also string labour unions, lucrative salaries and an environment that allows everyone to fully explore their limits. For each job, there is always an allocation for research and development which then allows an ambitious expat employees to challenge self and become more creative.

Denmark is one of the places for ex-pats to get jobs. It is a nice place to work when starting or continuing with your career. According to the Danish labour laws, any foreigner with a residence and work permit can seek employment in any position as long as they qualify.

Just in case you assume that listing well paying jobs mean that those that make it to the list are not as much attractive, it is not the case. Every job in Denmark is valued and workers treated with the highest possible level of esteem. Because of the good working conditions which every employer commits to protect, workers will always wear this smiley face, an indication of workplace happiness.

Are you looking to join the pool of ambitious, dedicated and happy employees in Denmark? It could be the best decision yet for career development and experience building. There are so many jobs to choose from but here, we list just some of the well-paying jobs for ex-pats in Denmark are discussed below:

IT Professionals in Denmark

The people working in Denmark and in the IT industry are likely to get a job. As much as the locals try their luck with the foreigners, the foreigners can also get a job without having to speak the Danish language. The average salary for individuals in the IT industry is from 40,000 dkk to about 50,000 dkk monthly.

I would say the IT industry is the best in Denmark. There are so many companies that employ non-Danish speakers. Some firms even speak English in every meeting. Moreover, some Danish companies even give free Danish lessons in case one needs them.

In the IT industry, there is a demand for finance experts, project managers, developers, as well as remote designers. Besides, the industry will continue growing. There are also firms that employ remote workers. It gives the ex-pats the freedom of working in their schedule as well as expanding skills and knowledge base.

Nursing jobs in Denmark

Nurses are in demand everywhere across the globe. However, to succeed in Denmark, you should enroll in one of the Danish institutions. Apart from that, you need to learn Danish because through that you will easily get a job.

Danish is important for all nurses. The reason is that as a nurse, you meet different kinds of patients. Some of them might not understand English; they may only be conversant with English. Therefore, to understand each other clearly, you should be communicating using one language.

Construction Manager jobs in Denmark

In case you have the skills for planning and managing varied construction stages, then this is a good job. Some construction companies employ even those who do not speak Danish. However, you have to ensure that you complete every project according to the set deadline. Averagely, a construction manager’s salary is about 69,600 DKK.

Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals are highly needed in Denmark. They are in charge of bringing high organizational revenue. They are in charge of developing strategies to help the business grow by bounds as well as leaps. This job is highly demanding. Thus, the salaries are so high. In Denmark, the marketing director earns from 27 800 to about 83 300 dkk monthly.

Cleaning and Housekeeping

Since Danish is a requirement for most of the jobs in Denmark, you can always look for the cleaning and the housekeeping jobs. The reason is that the jobs are always available. Therefore, instead of waiting to get a good job while your bills are piling up, you can take such jobs. Besides, the jobs are usually well paying, just like any other job.

A good thing about this job is that you do not have to be fluent in Danish. You can always do your job even if you know English. It is because you do not have to interact with a lot of people.

Tips for Ex-pats to get a job in Denmark

  • Showcasing what you may do for the company
  • Applying for Work Permit and Residence permit
  • Registering your Curriculum Vitae at the Danish CV bank
  • Learning Danish
  • Understanding the Danish culture
  • Getting a Danish diploma
  • Improving your LinkedIn profile
  • Applying for authorization
  • Checking the job market
  • Joining online ex-pat groups on Facebook and LinkedIn

The top high paying careers in Denmark

Doctors or Surgeons: They earn about 151,000 dkk monthly

Judges: Their salary is, on averagely, 127,000 dkk monthly

Lawyers: they earn 102 000 dkk monthly

Bank managers: their earnings are about 96,800 dkk monthly

Chief Executive Officers: their earnings are approximately 90,700 dkk

Chief Financial Officers: these people earn about 84,700 dkk monthly

Orthodontists: earn about 81,600 dkk monthly

College Professors: Their salary is 72 600 dkk monthly

Pilots: They come in the 9th position and earn about 60,500 dkk monthly

Marketing Directors: their salary is 54 400 dkk monthly

The benefits of Working in Denmark

Provision of Social Amenities

The Danish government provides the Danish citizens with various social amenities. For the foreigners, such as social amenities make a living in Denmark to be easier. Besides, it makes life more enjoyable for the foreigners working here. The social amenities offered are swimming pools, parks, beaches, playgrounds, as well as libraries.

Less Working Hours

While residing in Denmark, you do not have to work so hard in order to get a good salary. However, this does not mean that you are not supposed to work hard; you have to have enough working hours to help you get the basic needs. The working duration in Denmark is an average of 37.5 hours. The hours are good for an individual to develop him or herself regarding the things you can enjoy doing.

Most of the companies complete their operations at around 5 pm. Is this not a good place to work in? The only thing you have to do is differentiate your personal life from your professional life after coming from work.

Quality and Good Security

Denmark is one of the places with the best security across the globe. Therefore, as a foreigner, it is so safe to work there. The level of security has been highly reduced. For instance, in case you get robbed, there are some telephone numbers that you may call and get rescued.

Presence of Daycare in all the Kommunes

The government has childcare that takes care of the children as their parents are working. Therefore, as a foreigner, you do not have to worry about your kid while working. Moreover, it is of high quality. The government also has subsidized the parents in paying for the childcare services of their children. The good thing about this service is that your children will learn to speak Danish from a tender age.

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