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If CPR number is a gateway to public services in Denmark, then NemID is the key. I mean the two almost go together when it comes to getting public services in Denmark. Just to give you an impression of it, anyone with a social media account must have had to fill in some information under “username” followed by “password”.

When it comes to getting public services under the enviable Danish social system, NemID gives everyone with a CPR number access. It is therefore a no brainer that having a CPR alone only shows that you are duly registered as residing in Denmark but to actually get correspondence from public agencies, your NemID becomes very much handy.

First time immigrants to Denmark will find it interesting to know more about NemID, its use and regulations around it. Being your PIN to public services including banks, you cannot afford to be careless with NemID. However, recently Denmark has adopted a more advanced NemID called MitID.

NemID, the key to accessing public services in Denmark

Are you a foreigner residing in Denmark? Do you have CPR, and do you need NemID? Then do not worry because you do not have to be a Danish citizen to get one. The different ways of getting a NemID include citizen service center, ordering online when abroad, and requesting NemID from the bank.  

One can get a NemId from the citizen service center. However, before visiting the place, one should book an appointment at the citizen service center. Also, it is important to carry a valid Identity Card. Moreover, when you are just in Denmark for a short period, then it is important to bring a witness. The witness helps in the confirmation of identity in getting a NemID. Moreover, the witness should use a sworn statement in testifying.

In requesting a NemID from the bank, one should contact the bank to enter an agreement with the online banking. The other way is online for an individual living abroad. However, one should have a Danish passport or a Danish driver’s license.

The other forms of picture IDs accepted include:

  • Driving license issued in an EU/EEA country, Greenland, or the Faroe Islands. Bring a yellow card in case you do not have a Danish driving license
  • Digital driving license in the ‘Kørekort’ app
  • Passport (non-provisional passport). Non-Danish passport holders to bring a yellow health card
  • Danish moped license of the credit card type
  • Residence permit with photo issued in Denmark
  • Police ID card (from Denmark)
  • Danish banks’ ID card
  • National ID card with a photo issued by a public authority in the home country and can be used as a travel document in Schengen areas.
  • NATO passport
  • Military ID card (from Denmark)

NemId. What is it?

NemID in Denmark entails an ID number, password as well as a key card. The key can have single-use codes. There is also the option of downloading the NemID application from the google play store. Even with this, it is important to keep the card.

When logging in, one needs to first enter the user ID, which can be the CPR, as well as the password and a code from the card. No one can memorize for you your user ID. It is your responsibility as a Danish resident to memorize them.

Who can Get a NemID?

Not any person gets a NemID in Denmark. You have to be legally living in Denmark. For instance, in case you have a pending case with immigration, then it can be difficult to get one.

Where Can One Use NemID?

In Denmark, NemID can be utilized in communicating with the public sector as well as getting other services. Some of the services that will need you to use NemID include communicating with the authorities, online shopping, and online banking.

The examples include

  • Filling in forms and the like (
  • Digital post from the public sector (
  • Tax information (
  • Applications for study programs (
  • Pension information (
  • Health information (

Apart from the things mentioned above, when shopping online, one will usually need NemId to authorize the payments. Moreover, when purchasing drugs online, your NemID is needed to confirm if, in deed, you have a prescription from the doctor. However, it is important to note that in authorizing the card payments online, one should use the NemID key app and not the key codes.

Is your NemID Not Working? Do you need help?

In some cases, the NemID might refuse to work, and in such cases, you can contact a citizen service center. Apart from that, you can contact NemID support at +45 72 24 70 50.

The opening hours are:

Monday – Friday 08.30 – 20.00

Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays 10.00 – 16.00

24 December and 31 December 10.00 – 14.00

However, in some cases, it may refuse to work completely because of a computer attack. For instance, on 11 April 2013, the NemID system shut down. It was due to a response to the DDoS attack. The issue resulted in a lot of negative comments from the Danish resident. Generally, in Denmark, when using online banking, you have to use the NemID, and people were disappointed as it really inconvenienced them. With Java version 1.7.0_45, the NemID Java applet was unable to log in to the users.

The NemID conditions for public digital signatures as well as online banking

There are some conditions that have been set for using NemID. Some are upon you as the user while others are on DanID. As a user, you should always that you do not share your password or even user ID with third parties.


When using the NemID to carry out varied activities means that you are offering a digital signature. Also, you obligate yourself to the recipient. Basically, it is just like signing a document physically.

Conditions for using NemID

You are supposed to register when you are sure that you have the required documents. Besides, after getting it, you should store it well, especially the user ID, password as well as key code. The code should not be shared with other individuals.

In terms of security, it is important to ensure that you are the only one using the key codes and the app. For password action, during first registration, an activation password is normally sent, and it applies in case of password blockage. On the issue of blockage, when you suspect that others have your codes, code token, code app, or password in the key card, then you can block immediately. Moreover, in case you are not using your NemID, then you can block it.

Processing of Personal Data

In terms of processing personal data, in case your OCES has been an issue and linked with NemID, then it is a confirmation that Nets DanID can retrieve your address and name from the CPR register. As a holder, it is important to confirm if the provided information is correct. In case you need some changes, then you need to renew your OCES certificate within 30 days. Also, DanID can block your OCES certificate in case you ask Nets DanID to do so. Also, it can be blocked if Nets DanID gets informed that you do not comply with the NemID conditi

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