Viking Tattoos

The Vikings were more than just barbarians and plunder. They were complex people, keen travelers, farmers, skilled seafarers, the balance of the universe, and believers in destiny. When talking about the famous Vikings, individuals such as Erick the Red, Eric Bloodaxe, Olaf Tryggvason, Harald Hardrada, and Stiklestad Museum are well …

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Things to hate about Scandinavia

We often talk about the greatness of Scandinavia and why you should definitely move to live there. Today, we will be doing something a bit different. We will be mentioning some of the things that may make Scandinavia less attractive compared to some other European regions. It is perfectly okay …

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nordic gods

Norse Gods

Norse gods are an important part of the Nordic culture. This aspect of the norse culture may not be so well known to outsiders unless someone has a particular interest. A millennial may not be so much bothered to know more these gods but in a way must have heard …

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Norse God of War

Norse god of war is part of the rich Norse mythology. The Norse mythology has up to twelve important Gods whose place in the Nordic region myths is highly regarded. Aside from the god of war, Tyr, some other eleven Norse Gods include Odin, Thor, Balder, Vidar, Vale, Brage, Heimdall, …

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A Quick Overview of Iceland

The first time anyone hears the name Iceland, what comes to the mind is snow and ice. The brain quickly clicks that this must be an extremely cold country; a refrigerator of sorts. True to its name and whatever idea any one picks from it, Iceland is a cold country. …

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Important Tips when applying for a job

Having a desire to join the job industry in Scandinavia is one thing and getting to actually work there is another.  For an expatriate, the thin line that separates the worlds  is a properly pitched application.  As the work environment continue to change, employers increasingly focus on the soft skills …

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Housing in Norway

Having a roof over your head is one of the most important things in Norway. Before making any steps into studies, research, job seeking or whatever reasons take you to Norway, you will buy a house or secure an apartment. Anyone who has lived abroad will tell you that the …

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Culture Shock in a new country

Culture shock is is an experience that almost every immigrant will experience in one way or the other. The moment you make the choice of leaving the comfort of your home country to check what other countries have to offer, getting culture shock comes along. Not every two things in …

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Scandinavia – a long introduction

It is common to hear people planning to travel to the United States of America, Europe, and Australia. When someone mentions Europe, the countries that feature prominently are the big ones including Germany, France, Italy, or the United Kingdom. But in reality, there is a treasured region within the wider …

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Getting to Live in Denmark

Getting to live in Denmark is a good opportunity and experience for anyone interested in having an international feel. In the wider Scandinavian region, Denmark stands out as highly agricultural and with so many job opportunities. in fact, there are always more jobs in Denmark than people who can work. …

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A Quick Expat Guide in Odense

Your experience in Denmark can never be complete without a visit or short stay in Odense. There is just so much in store for you in the city that was home to the prolific writer of the time, Hans Christian Andersen. Odense will surprise you with its unique historical and …

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weather odense

The Weather in Odense

Weather is one of the key considerations before traveling to any new place. If you want to visit the third-largest city in Denmark, Odense, which is a literary wonderland and has many things to offer, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about its weather. Temperature …

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mortgage - scandinavia

How to get approval for a mortgage in Scandinavia?

In Scandinavia, it`s a strong culture of owning your own home but it might be tough for new citizens to get approval for a loan. The reason is that the banks are very regulated from the equivalent to the SEC after the financial crisis in 2007. Scandinavia navigated through the …

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Why move to Denmark

Why expats should choose Denmark

There are many amazing countries in the world, all competing for your attention. Therefore, picking one to settle down in as an expat can be quite difficult. Today, we will be going through some different reason for why you should choose Denmark as your next destination on your journey as …

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Success Scandinavia

An introduction to the Scandinavian countries

Scandinavia. Almost as far north as you can get before hitting the north pole. Still, these countries have a lot more to offer than just ice and snow. Let us show you what Scandinavia is truly like when you actually look beyond what you might see as a tourist.  A …

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Visby – Gotland

The Viking Town of Visby In the midst of the Baltic Sea lies this gem of an island that in eons has been a popular place for Swedish tourists. Also in recent years, tourists from abroad definitely have discovered this special place, and it is certainly worth it! Here is some …

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Gothenburg-The City by The Sea

Gothenburg Sweden’s second largest city and known for being the home to Liseberg, The Göta Canal, and a lot of fun, but it is also an oasis of shopping, trendy bars and even a dedicated Volvo museum. The city lies on both sides of the Göta Coastal Mouth, and has …

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Aalborg City Guide

Aarhus – The World’s Smallest Big City

Aarhus City The world’s smallest big city, Aarhus, in Denmark, is a vibrant place with Danish charm, beautiful surroundings and sausages. Vikings certainly did something right when they founded this city. With around 330,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city. Housing around 40,000 students, it is also a young and …

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If you are a fan of the song “Memories” by Maroon 5 then Ribe is one city that surely don’t disappoint in bringing memories of early Denmark. If anything, Ribe is a heritage city tucked in the Southern part of Denmark within the larger Esbjerg Kommune. Ribe in Brief When …

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The Scandinavian Cities…let’s get the journey started

Every Scandinavian have experienced it, while visiting a foreign country. Norway mistaken for the capitol of Denmark, in turn mistaken for the capitol of Sweden, and all three countries in turn mistaken for being an unified country. Well, thats a long time ago anyway…. So lets get the story straight, …

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