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All about Scandinavia for you

On the face of it, Scandinavia doesn’t match our typical ideas about a region worth migrating to. It doesn’t make it to global headlines all the time, it has a tiny population, and frankly, most of us really don’t really know much about the place. When we think of migration, most …

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Social security in Norway

Social Security in Norway

When we think of Norway, the images of beautiful fjords come to mind immediately. Indeed, Norway is a stunning Scandinavian country and one of the best places to live in the world. Like Denmark and Sweden, Norway is among the nations with the best quality of life. Their social security …

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Expat Sweden

Why Sweden for expats?

The world has never been more connected than today. In less than a week, we can travel around the globe. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to live in your country of birth. In fact, you can live anywhere you want. So, with all of these choices, why should you chose …

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Why move to Denmark

Why expats should choose Denmark

There are many amazing countries in the world, all competing for your attention. Therefore, picking one to settle down in as an expat can be quite difficult. Today, we will be going through some different reason for why you should choose Denmark as your next destination on your journey as …

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