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All about Scandinavia for you

On the face of it, Scandinavia doesn’t match our typical ideas about a region worth migrating to. It doesn’t make it to global headlines all the time, it has a tiny population, and frankly, most of us really don’t really know much about the place. When we think of migration, most people automatically steer towards the United States and its promise of the American Dream. This begs the question, should you really move to Scandinavia?

Lofoten, Norway

Honestly, we don’t see why you shouldn’t. There’s no denying that Scandinavia is the perfect welfare state. The Danes, Finns, Swedes, and Norwegians that live in the region have worked relentlessly to make it a place worth living. While the rest of the world discourages high taxes and a socialist-democratic model, Scandinavians do the exact opposite and have been pretty successful as well. 

The bottom line is that Scandinavia is a region with an excellent standard of living. Norway, for instance, has the highest Human Development Index out of 189 countries. The other nations aren’t far behind, either. Considering this revelation, yes, moving to Scandinavia can really turn out to be in your favor. Keep reading to learn more about what moving to Scandinavia can be like!

What Is The Scandinavian Culture Like?

Cultural conditions chiefly determine how well you may be able to adapt to new environments. Culture a big factor to consider before you decide to move. Here’s why you’ll love living in the Scandinavian culture:

It Values Cooperation

The one core cultural value that is evident in every facet of Scandinavian life is unconditional cooperation. They believe in collective effort and contribution, even if they’re not getting anything out of it. In Scandinavia, you have to make sure you try to play your part in making life better for all. From offering a seat on the bus to lending money when someone’s in need, cooperation is integrated into everyday Scandinavian life.

It Is Egalitarian

Scandinavia is also progressive in the sense that it doesn’t allow any discrimination whatsoever. Every Scandinavian is fully autonomous and has the right to all life opportunities and facilities. Selective privileges may be a sad reality in other parts of the world, but it isn’t the same in Scandinavia. 

Scandinavians are Practical

Since Scandinavians have a high HDI, they’re determined to keep it the same through consistent effort and development. This purpose requires the Scandinavian society to be as practical as possible. Whether it’s healthcare or social issues or politics or education or law and order, they hardly tolerate any leniency that may interrupt their daily lives. 

This may sound like a lot to handle, but they’re actually pretty organized. Years of practice and upright behavior has led the people of Scandinavia to adopt swift practicality in any situation.

They Don’t Bicker 

Owing to their lack of tolerance when it comes to wasting time, Scandinavians don’t start arguments when there’s a problem. As we’ve mentioned before, Scandinavians do not like anything that is impractical and superficial. Even if they’re not on good terms with each other, they’ll make their sentiments known in the quietest possible manner. Instead of wasting their energy in arguing, Scandinavians try to resolve their differences immediately and with the least number of grudges. 

Is Scandinavia Safe?

On to the next big question: is it safe to live in the Scandinavian region?

Criminal activity is an important point to factor in while you’re deciding where to move to. Luckily, the Nordics are some of the safest people on the globe. If you compare these countries to the big, bustling streets of New York or London or Paris, the Scandinavian region is practically an uneventful place to live. On a lighter note, you could say that they have an awfully dull criminal class!

Their Law and Order Situation

Like everything else, crime patrol is punctual and thorough in the streets of Scandinavia. Sure enough, there might be a few robberies, break-ins, murders, or even bomb blasts every now and then, but on the whole, it isn’t a nightmare like the majority of the world.

 Scandinavian law enforcement and intelligence agencies are apt at responding to alerts and calls for help. If found guilty, they also have a well-defined and efficient criminal law that holds criminals fully accountable. 

The People Are Socially Responsible

Scandinavians don’t really like their environment to be messy. They keep an eye on what’s going on around them. If you’re new to the country, they will know without having to ask you. If you’re hiding something, they’ll easily read it on your face. If you need help, they’ll be there for you even if you don’t ask them to. 

Scandinavians are also responsible in the sense that they don’t act out of mischief. You can leave your bike or stroller or even your car unlocked on the street, but nobody would dare to take it away. It’s a general idea of safety that keeps a number of people from committing such minor, everyday offenses.

What Is the Quality of Life In Scandinavia?

Scandinavians do have odd traditions. They lace every edible thing with licorice. They consume huge amounts of alcohol. They are extra cranky during winters.

But every nation has its weird perks, right? That’s what makes them distinctive and unique from others. As absurd as they sound, they also help people connect easily with each other. Is it, then, really true that Scandinavians are weird? They may be, but they’re perfect in their own way, too. Consider these facts:

Scandinavian Countries are the Happiest in the World

If you look at the World Happiness Reports issued by the UN, you will notice in most of these that the Scandinavian nations usually rank the highest. They’re not the extra-serious, rough, and tough brutes that we think they are. They don’t get into brawls or disrespect each other in any way. Human dignity has its value and is preserved at all costs.

These people also ensure the facilitation of necessities of life for all people. Rich, poor, minorities, ethnicities, physically or mentally disabled people all have the equal right to explore their life chances. All these values have contributed to making the Scandinavians some of the happiest people on earth. They do have their worries and stresses, but they also know their way around all difficulties.

They Have a Pretty Relaxed Work Schedule

The Nordics aren’t workaholics. Once their 9-5 timings are over, you dare not expect them to carry their office load right into their homes and type away till three in the morning. Instead, they frequently give off days and have lesser weekdays assigned for work. 

You don’t always have to wait for Fridays to grab lunch with friends. You don’t have to wait for Saturdays to go shopping or for Sundays to deep-clean the entire house. The work-life balance that is prevalent in Scandinavia makes it possible for the citizens to live an overall healthy lifestyle. 

This balance is also vital for maintaining high productivity levels in the workforce. The more relaxed their brains are, the better they can focus on the tasks at hand.  

Education Opportunities In Scandinavia

As an ex-pat, you won’t find yourself out of place. The Scandinavian educational system offers students an excellent chance of developing skills and building their careers. Vocational training, engineering, medical practice, accounting, banking, law, architecture, design, etc., are some of the vast range of disciplines you can study while living in the Scandinavian region. 

Finance Support System

Scandinavian nations have some of the highest tax rates in the entire world. Residence, transport, income, and sales tax take up a big chunk out of your budget. In the economic aspect, the Scandinavian people follow a more socialist model as compared to the sheer capitalist model that dominates the rest of the world. 

However, the tax you pay does have its reward. Healthcare in Scandinavia is largely reliant on public funds. Unemployment income is also funded by the public’s taxes. The same goes for education, infrastructure, and other areas concerning social welfare. 

Some people are skeptical of this system and regard it as unfair to some extent. However, Scandinavian countries have living standards that are far better than the majority of the world. If the world can run on capitalism, there isn’t really any harm in sprinkling in a bit of socialism, right? 

Scandinavia Has A High Life Expectancy

Another example of successful technological advancement is that Scandinavia is at an advanced stage of population management. The Scandinavian people live up to an average of 89 years. That, too, in perfect health and hygiene.

Since senior citizens are in abundance, a large percentage of their health budget goes towards their welfare. Old age homes are common across the land and offer the residents a peaceful home during their last days in life. If you plan to settle in Scandinavia, you don’t have to worry yourself sick about what you’ll do after retirement. 


If Scandinavia fits your image of a peaceful society, you might as well apply for migration. The region in itself is a successful model of socialist democracy, owing to its high literacy rate, economy, and social values. The people are cooperative and welcoming, the governments play fair, and you will get your full chances at excelling in life.