Ukranian Refugees and Immigration to Denmark

Denmark is a Northern Europe country which plays host to some of the great Viking history. With population barely under 6 million, the country keeps welcoming newcomers from different parts of the world. The peace and political stability experienced in Denmark has seen it welcome refugees, asylum seekers and people …

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Banking services in Norway

As already mentioned in one of our articles on credit cards in Norway, banking is a critical sector in the country’s economy. Unlike many countries where banks are seen just as institutions for borrowing and making savings, Norwegian banks help the government in many ways. A robust banking system in …

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Banks in Sweden

Banking in Sweden

Sweden, just like the other Scandinavian countries, is progressive when it comes to banking efficiency. The banking sector is very critical in the surveillance of the country’s financial market. As a result, all the registered banks always work around the clock to ensure that they provide the best services to …

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Loan money norway

Probing the loan market in Norway

The loan market in Norway is saturated with offers, but we can divide the market into different segments. The banks usually specialize in the various products. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a bank offering one or all of them, though it might have an impact on advantages as …

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Expat in Iceland?

Moving to Iceland

Aptly called the “Land of Fire and Ice,” Iceland is a dream location for many. With many exquisite landscapes, this European country is the target of many prospective immigrants. Statistics reveal the total number of immigrants living in Iceland by the end of 2019 to be around 50,000. Such a considerable …

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Credit Cards Denmark

Credit Card in Denmark

Denmark is a largely cashless country. It means that most of the time, you will need to make your payments using a debit or credit card. so, here we try as much to give you highly helpful information on how to get yourself started with being financially safe in Denmark. …

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