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Credit Card in Denmark

Denmark is a largely cashless country. It means that most of the time, you will need to make your payments using a debit or credit card. so, here we try as much to give you highly helpful information on how to get yourself started with being financially safe in Denmark. Know which credit card issuer suits your needs, which charges they make and where exactly you can use the credit cards. Let’s go now!

Credit card Situation in Denmark

Like the rest of countries in the Scandinavia and wider European Union, Denmark is moving ahead in promoting cashless transactions. Therefore, as a newcomer in Denmark, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a credit card from one of the best issuers in the country. Without a credit or debit card, you will always run into troubles as most traders in major establishment may decline cash transactions.

Whether you are on a long term or short term stay in Denmark, the first important thing for you in managing your finances is to check out the different card options available then select one that will suit your needs conveniently. Nonetheless, you are likely to be spoilt for choices as there are several dealers in credit cards.

We recommend that you take your time to read the specific instructions about the holding and use of the credit card such as costs, rechargeable amounts and such kind of things. Just to  get you started on your experience with credit cards in Denmark, we have objectively listed two credit card issuers with typical information about them.  

Credit Cards in Denmark

As already alluded to, there are many credit card issuers in Denmark which offer their services based on varying terms and conditions. However, Bank Norwegian and N26 Credit Card well gives you an impression about what to expect. 

The Norwegian credit card gives expats and other customers credit cards which do not charge annual fees or any such levies when you are withdrawing cash or purchases. The credit cards typically provide up to six weeks free credit with reward points earnings for every purchase you make. Some other component of this credit card is that it gives you travel and cancellation and insurance. The card has a contactless payment feature.  


To get a Norwegian Bank Credit card, you need to be at least 23 years old  with residence in Denmark. To qualifty for the card, you do not have a bad credit rating. There is no compromise on credit worthiness before a card can be issued out to you. The other requirements akin to those required in opening a Danish bank account are also necessary. These include Danish identity number required when you fill out the online application.

The N26 Credit Card is another common one in Denmark due to its great services. The N26 Bank which issues this credit card has roots in Germany but has distinguished itself as a fast growing digital bank in Europe. Due to the flexibility in services offered by the N26, it has over time become very popular with the expatriates.

Another thing is that the bank has accessible English website that will give you a good experience as someone who has not yet mastered Danish or any major Scandinavian languages. A N26 Credit card does not have overhead and hidden costs. It also does not come with withdrawal fees.

While the two credit cards are just an exemplification of typical credit cards and the specifications you may get, it is always important that you be diligent enough to check what the company issuing the card  gives against your needs. 

List of banks that offer Credit cards in Denmark 

Using Credit Cards in Denmark 

While credit cards have gained prominence in Denmark with regulations put in place to determine what costs a user of such card needs to incur, you need such regulations depend on which bank issued the card. A credit card from a non EU bank , uses a network other than Visa or MasterCard or ia business/corporate card, you can still be liable to pay a fee.

To avoid withdrawal and payment fees on your credit card, it is important you get it from the right issuer. Visa is the most widely accepted international credit card network in Denmark, closely followed by MasterCard, although there are plenty of places to spend lesser-known credit cards such as American Express or Diners Club too. 

Today, so many retailers in Denmark will allow you to make any forms of payment, including the smallest ones using your card. So with a credit card for making payments you are always guaranteed services in Denmark. 

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