Finding Internal calmness in Denmark

It is the dream of so many to come and settle in Denmark. There is just a lot of positive publicity about Denmark which will attract any ambitious person. For instance, Denmark ranks so high on the global happiness index and people really trust their government. The Danish government is …

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Ukrainian Refugees and Immigration to Sweden

Sweden  is probably one of the to go to destinations as an ordinary traveller or  even in crisis situations. To confirm how attractive Sweden is to visitors, up to 1.96 million people visited the country in 2020 ( this is according to On the other hand, the United Nations …

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Ukranian Refugees and Immigration to Norway

Norway is a gem of a country that lies in Northern Europe. If you don’t find the fjords of Norway an interesting attraction then possibly the undulating landscape, ice covered mountains and seashore cities such as Kristiansand and Bergen will be something intriguing. Generally, Norwegians are normally friendly towards foreigners …

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Norwegian Women

Norwegian women are not any ordinary group of random females. They are a true definition of what beauty can be. With their pretty looks, well-formed body contours and sharp blue eyes, an average Norwegian woman is strikingly beautiful and charming at the same time. Whether you come to Norway as …

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Studying in Norway

Norway for sure is a country of hidden treasures. Not so many people travelling to Europe or Scandinavian region end up in Norway. Aside from the extreme cold temperatures and dark winters for which Norway is known, the country has some of the best universities globally. Any ambitious man or …

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Culture Shock in a new country

Culture shock is is an experience that almost every immigrant will experience in one way or the other. The moment you make the choice of leaving the comfort of your home country to check what other countries have to offer, getting culture shock comes along. Not every two things in …

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Learning swedish

Learning Swedish

Just like the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden has a particular pride in its language, Swedish. Although it may not be a primary consideration when being granted a residence permit in the country, it will soon occur to you that learning Swedish as an extra language makes life much easier there. …

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learning danish

Learning Danish

Just like in any part of the one, language is one critical way for connecting with the people around you, building trust and getting life going in Denmark. Without the power of language, it is very difficult to get help and if you are lucky to get it, you shall …

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moving to oslo

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Oslo

Oslo is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it’s all thanks to picturesque architecture, beautiful parks, and a lot of things to do and see. Working and living in Oslo is a wonderful place to experience, but it’s always challenging to move somewhere and start your life …

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Scandinavian languages evolving

The Scandinavian Languages – A Common History

Scandinavian languages, which are also called North Germanic languages belong to a group of Germanic languages known as the modern standard, which include Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic and Faroese. These languages are typically divided into two groups – the East Scandinavian of which are Danish and Swedish and West Scandinavian …

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Moving to finland

Moving to Finland

Finland is a migrant’s dream come true. If you’re looking for a place that values justice, peace, environmental safety, equality, and other humanitarian values, you’re welcome to Finnish soil. Finland ranks amongst the top countries in a number of categories ranging from human wellbeing to social justice. After Sweden and …

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Work in Gothenburg

Gothenburg 1-2-3 Expat Quick Guide

In this comprehensive yet compressed quick guide, you’ll learn the basics about Gothenburg, where to get housing and work. First some fast facts Situated on the West coast of Sweden is Gothenburg; a city which offers everyone great hospitality, grandeur and diversity in every sense. Gothenburg which is now the …

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Moving to Denmark as an expat

Moving to Denmark

Denmark is full of opportunities for people of all ages. The country has a sound healthcare system and excellent education. Bustling cities and thriving industries make Denmark the perfect place for anyone to immigrate to. Not to mention the EU benefits you’d get after you gain residency and the superior …

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Moving to Norway: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Moving to Norway

The epic coastline, rich history, and vibrant outdoors make Norway the perfect country for immigration. Particularly for the younger population looking to build a successful career. If you want to move there, you are not alone. Setting roots in Norway has always been a popular choice.  In fact, 4.3% of …

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Scandinavian culture

How to Understand Scandinavian Countries

Understanding Scandinavian countries depend on the context, and who is asked. The answer may be different when speaking in terms of geography, culture, or language. When the word “Nordic” is thrown into the mix, things becomes confusing and these two are often used interchangeably in context but they have their …

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Speaking English in Scandinavia is not so difficult

The Language Barrier

When deciding to become an expat many fear the language barrier. Will you be able to communicate with the locals? Today we will be talking about the language barrier in Scandinavia and help you decide between our different nations. Hopefully you will have a much better understanding of our languages …

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Moving to Denmark from Kenya

Moving to and Staying in Denmark as a Foreign Student

This is a guest post from Fredrick Awino, an expat living in Denmark. We are proud to publish his experiences, views and advise for newcomers to Denmark and possibly also Scandinavia. Enjoy… Thinking about moving to Europe-Scandinavia Growing up in the Suburban village in Kenya, I always entertained this peculiar …

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scandinavia expat

Which Scandinavian country is best for expats?

In Scandinavia, there are a lot of countries and all of them are good for Expat. Still, the question remains. Which one is truly the best? That is exactly what we will be trying to find out today. We will be comparing Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Island to see which …

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