Norwegian Women

Norwegian women are not any ordinary group of random females. They are a true definition of what beauty can be. With their pretty looks, well-formed body contours and sharp blue eyes, an average Norwegian woman is strikingly beautiful and charming at the same time.

Whether you come to Norway as a worker, a foreign student or whatever mission, it will not be possible to avoid noticing the beautiful women all around you. They will always be there teasing your testosterone.

In Scandinavian region, the Norwegian women are charming. They sweep men off their feet with their blonde hair, lofty stature and not too fat, not too slim body. Although some people have a different opinion, the aura and stature of Norwegian women stand out as the most attractive of all Nordic descendants.

The Uniqueness of Norwegian women

You know in some cases people find it difficult to differentiate the Nordic women. But it dos does not require so much guesswork to pick out a Norwegian.

Norwegian women easily speak good English

For internationals specifically, there is always a fear of approaching Nordic women because most of them do not open up to people who don’t speak their language. Thankfully, Norwegian women will easily speak with you English.

You do not need to shy off or second guess how a Norwegian woman will react when they realize that you can speak English. In fact, most of them know English but because mostly they speak Norwegian, they will be happy to speak English with you just so that they refresh.

So, if you are interested in dating a Norwegian woman and you can speak fluent English with that confidence, they are all yours to win. If anything, your excellent English speaking will make you their darling.

Incredibly confident Norwegian women

In most of Nordics, women are generally less outgoing and often very independent. This makes it difficult for men seeking love to even approach them. But this is not the case with the Norwegian women…they have their personality well balanced which means at any time, a man can find an entry point into them.

It is true that Norwegian women are bold, independent and active. Nonetheless,  this does not take away their incredible sense of romance and openness to get into a relationship.  All you need to know is what makes your target woman tick. For sure, a Norwegian woman will at the first sight look so serious but once she is into you, will show you all her insecurities and willingness to be protected by you. 

Norwegian women sense of style 

To any man hunting for a woman, there are only two types of women; beautiful and stylish ones and then the other type. So, all a man looks for is beauty and style in a woman which you all find in a Norwegian woman.

For reasons best known to them, an average woman will take her sweet time to make sure that she steps out looking so exquisite. They will use the sweet smelling perfumes and wear fancy outfit.

The wardrobe choice of a Norwegian woman includes some of the best fashion designs that give them the best feminine outlook. They will also put on the best make up that make them look even more beautiful.  

Aside from their beautiful looks in the public, the women also know how to decorate and make their houses look beautiful. If you visit a Norwegian woman, you will be awed by how everything seems to be so much in order.

Education and participation in the society

One thing that stands out among almost all the Nordic women is that they are well educated. The Norwegian women too have access to education, most of whom are even more educated than men. They mean business in their academics and work to be the best.

Because of their education, Norwegian women are opinionated, sentimental and very active within their spaces. Men with low self-esteem may find it hard and intimidating dealing with such women. No wonder, most of the men and women in Norway live separately or are divorced.


Tips for Dating a Norwegian woman

Those who have been in this game of kissing many frogs before settling with one will tell you how hard it is to understand women. It’s not out of this world that dating a Norwegian woman comes with its own set of expectations.

So what must one do to successfully date a Norwegian woman? Here are some of the tips that may bear you out as a single man interested in having an affair with a Norwegian woman.

Call the woman for dates and pay the Bill

Although the women are independent, it does not mean they mind if as a man you pay the bills. It is sweater for a woman to feel appreciated and taken care of by an intentional man.

If you are sure about setting yourself for a serious relationship with a  Norwegian woman, don’t hold back from paying the bills even if they want to pay for themselves. Also, learn which places the woman you are dating feels free and charmed. That is the place to take dates.


Take the woman to interesting venue for a date 

As you expect, Norwegian women are widely travelled. In fact, taking yearly travels and vacation is part of the lifestyle in Norway. This only means one thing which is that you really need to check out a place which is a hidden treasure for dates.

To identify the best pace for a date, know what really the woman likes and feels excited about. Of course, you may not set out to satisfy all the wild experiences of the woman about a place for a date. However, a well-researched date venue will be good enough to endear a Norwegian woman to you.

All you need to do is show interest in what the woman likes. Take time to understand them and definitely she will be intrigued. Remember, dates are supposed to accomplish certain things including creating a remarkable memory, making it easy to connect and easing out.  

Take her out on a nature date

Flirting with Norwegian Girls

People start relationships differently; some make their intentions clear from the work go yet others start as flings and flirts which eventually grow to become something serious. So what tips do you need to flirt with a Norwegian girl? Here are some nuggets.

As much as possible, be authentic, just be yourself

Norwegian women abhor fakes. In fact, they know that most men tend to be fake when asking them out which makes it ugly. Instead, they want men who are confident about themselves without being apologetic.

You know, don’t try to fake a thing thinking that it will please a Norwegian woman. She will easily know that you are faking it. It would be better she rejects the real you than accept the fakes. The women tend to respect you even when they say no to your passes at them.

Be jovial. Not too serious; smiling

Life is already too full of ups and downs. So, no Norwegian woman will want to jump right into a too serious relationship. When you put a smile, it becomes easy to work with.

You don’t need to appear so picky, judgemental and less fun loving. Every woman likes funny and if best, crazy mates. Be crazily amazing at times. A smile easily charms a woman and gives you a high chance of winning their hearts.

Be proactive and Ahead of things

A mistake that some men make is to fear approaching a Norwegian woman for a relationship or just fun. Its not the nature of the women to openly show it even if they are also into you. So all you need to do is shoot your shot. Just dare to make your case in a way that is compelling and unique. Somehow, Norwegian women too want to feel seduced and swept off their feet. After all, which woman does not enjoy being flowered with romantic lines just to win their love? Not Norwegian women.

Again, do not assume that a Norwegian woman will automatically know your intentions. Yes, they may give in to be friends and occasionally socialize with you but this does not mean they mean anything serious. You just have to stealthily push the barricades and make her love you even before she realizes it. Show her the fantasies of romantic life and always make her longing for more of you after every single meeting.

Where to find a Norway woman

As much as you may be having the psyche to interact with a Norwegian woman, their characteristic independent and busy life may put you off. On a normal da, you will find the women rushing to work with seemingly no time to spare for you.

So, if you need to get a Norwegian woman, just be smart. Get them where they are relaxing and carefree. In most cases, the women in big cities of Norway including Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim are more open to trying out new romantic experience with expatriates. They are more open minded, curious and adventure-seeking.

In the big cities across Norway, you will meet sexy Norwegian ladies groups on the streets, cafes, and clubs. If you have no chills or don’t trust the first impressions that you may create, it is possible to turn to the online dating sites. On the online dating sites, Norwegian women are very active, particular with the kind of relationship they want, whether serious or just flings.

Also, you can be a frequent visit at nightclubs and drinking places. A tipsy Norwegian woman is more outgoing, expressive, adventurous and troublingly romantic. It is such places that you may start a conversation which may turn out to be a great love story. So, just be on the lookout, late nights and such.

 A tipsy Norwegian woman is very adventurous and carefree