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Tromso – The Northern Paris


Tromsø lies in the northern part of Norway and was originally a medieval fortress community on the frontier of the wilderness. It lies only a couple of hundred miles away from the Arctic Circle, but it is warmer than most of its surroundings due to the benefits of the gulf stream that passes through the waters around it. Tromsø is a perfect place for winter outings, cruises, and sightseeing, marking one of the most comfortable northern cities in Norway.

Tromso Fjords

The fjords of Norway are legendary, and the Tromso Fjords are among the best that the country has to offer. This is the premier destination in Norway for anybody who enjoys nature watching. You can tour the landscape, observe the breathtaking fjords up close, and take a look at local wildlife of all varieties. Guides are available to help take you through the more difficult to traverse areas of the landscape, or you can choose to take to the seas and observe the coastline from a boat. If you choose the latter, you can take part in a whale watching tour that will bring you up close and personal with some of the largest creatures that exist in the natural world today.

The city of Tromso
The city of Tromso


Also known as the Polar Museum, Polarmuseet is the site where the brave polar explorations of the past began. The museum provides information about these expeditions, a look at the dangers they faced, and exhibits that allow you to give you a look at what you would encounter if you took on one of those expeditions yourself. This includes several cabins and small shops that simulate the outposts that travelers of the time had to deal with. If you intend to take a visit to this attraction, you will want to make sure that you have arrive a little bit earlier in the day than you normally would. This will allow you to deal with the potentially large crowds that can sometimes keep you from seeing everything you normally would before closing.

Northern Lights Hakoya, Tromso
Northern Lights Hakoya, Tromso

Tromso Lapland

No matter what time of year you visit Tromso, you are likely to find yourself dealing with cold weather. This is simply the reality of coming this close to the Arctic Circle. However, there are plenty of different winter activities that can be enjoyed and indeed become the highlights of many peoples’ trips. Tromso Lapland provides the opportunity to see a lot of local wildlife and enjoy a sleigh ride through the region. You can also get up close and personal with the wildlife, getting an opportunity to feed the reindeer of the area and learn about the culture of the natives. Local cuisine is always available, giving you a chance to taste the meat of creatures that you have probably never considered eating before.

Harbour in Tromso
Harbour in Tromso

Profil Glassdesign

The region around Tromso is rife with terrific materials needed to produce excellent glasswork, and Profil Glassdesign is one of the premier glassblowers in the region. Profil Glassdesign itself is a relatively small shop, but it has a lot of different things to offer the tourist who is interested in seeing some fine Norwegian crafts in the process of getting made. Visitors get a chance to see glasswork in the process of getting made. After witnessing the site, you can stop by the gift shop and get your own hand-crafted work of art or, if you’re hungry, you can stop by the small café. As a whole, this shop is a great place to witness a true crafting wonder and get some terrific souvenirs that you will probably cherish for a lifetime.


Krane Art Gallery

Not everything in Tromso needs to focus on natural wonders – there is a lot of different art to be had and enjoyed as well. The Krane Art Gallery provides visual art of all different styles for people who are either collectors or who just want to bring something special home with them after their trip is over. Much of the art here is either produced locally or meticulously studied. That means that the people who care for the art at the museum can take the time to explain not only the history behind a given piece, but the process that went into creating it. Art lovers, historians, and those who just happen to like seeing pretty things will all find something worth picking up at this gallery.

People at a mountain above Tromso
People at a mountain above Tromso

Hildr Gastro Bar

The Hildr Gastro Bar provides great food and a versatile experience that can allow customers to take advantage of the weather no matter what time they happen to be visiting. There is seating both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to take advantage of nice days when you want to enjoy the scenery. Inside, there is free wifi that allows you to choose between a quick business-oriented meal or a more luxurious and restful dining experience. The menus are set on a daily basis, allowing for a constantly changing roster of cuisine. The wait staff is very patient in explaining all of the options and will help you to select side dishes that help to complement the main taste.

Other Tourism Advice

If you plan to visit Tromso, you should make sure that you dress for weather that is probably colder than you normally experience. This is a place that is right near the Arctic Circle, and even summer temperatures rarely reach much higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, the proximity to the ocean and the Gulf Stream keeps the temperature from getting too uncomfortable, so you might be surprised to find some very nice, albeit brisk, days waiting for you. Ideally, you should pack some extremely cold weather clothes and some clothes for chilly but not freezing temperatures. You should also have whatever you need to move around outside, since the outdoor activities in this region are many.

Tromso is one of the most interesting places in the world. It is home to a world of adventure, exploration, and even luxury. Anybody who wants to be as near to the top of the world as possible while still enjoying some wonderful sites and luxuries should take a trip to this area.

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