North Cape-The Real Norway

North Cape

Nordkapp which directly translated means North Cape is an interesting destination. This place has a great history as one that was rounded by Richard Chancellor in the 16th century when he discovered the Northeast Passage.

North Cape of Norway is home to many attractions. People who have come to North Cape and had a real an experience of a lifetime agree that the best time visit it is in Summer time. What makes this place  attractive and worth visiting in the summer is because you will never be alone. More than  200, 000 tourists from  far and wide visit the area for a chance to view its scenery and wildlife.

Perleporten cultural house is a small local playhouse in the community of Honningsvag, this performing centre provides small but very entertaining productions during various times of the day. Performances often include musicals and frequently touch upon local pieces of Norwegian culture. If you are interested in the history of the playhouse itself, you take part in a 40-minute long tour which will provide an overview of Honningsvag, the Perleporten Kulturhus, and other essential pieces of local color.


Skarsvag is fishing village located on the North Cape Arctic Circle cruise and other tourist routes, Skarsvag is a simple fishing village that is a perfect way for tourists to get a sample of the quality of life the locals in this region live. The village has lots of open spaces and scenery that is guaranteed to take your breath away. While the area has relatively few shops and hotels for tourists, the locals of this village have a strong reputation for friendliness and hospitality, making sure that everybody who passes through this seemingly innocuous village leaves with a smile on their face.


Honningsvåg is the northernmost city in Norway and has a population of approximately 5,000 people. It is in many ways the gateway to other major sites in Norway, such as coastal ships that runs to many other popular tourist areas in the country. Ships to Bergen run to the south at multiple times in the afternoon, providing travelers with a chance to make a journey from North Cape to one of Norway’s other most interesting locations and then back again before dinnertime.

Destination 71 Degrees North

There are so many different attractions in Norway that it can be overwhelming, especially if you are in the country for the first time. For people who want to see everything that the Nordkapp area has to offer without meandering aimlessly. Destination 71 Degrees North provides guided day tours throughout the region.

The Northern tours are more than just looking at sites and detailing the history behind certain attractions – instead, they also offer a look into the everyday life of the experts and professionals that make Norway come alive. For example, you can see how crabs get caught, how animals get skinned, and how hand-crafted furniture gets made. The tours are as interactive and engaging as possible, giving everybody something to do.

The natives of North Cape are extremely familiar with tourists, since they see hundreds of thousands every year. This leaves them well-versed in making sure that the area caters well to visitors. The land and the wildlife remain extremely vibrant as they have for centuries, waiting for new eyes to view them for the first time.

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