Lulea city tour

Luleå city tour

Luleå city tour Luleå, proudly located in the Swedish Lapland has a population of around 76,000 people. Even with this seemingly marginal population, the city remains one of the larger cities in Sweden. While some parts of the city are quite modern, 75% of the municipality in which Luleå lies is covered by forest. It … Read more

Umeå – The city of birches


Umeå Umeå is located at the mouth of the Ume River in southern Västerbotten in Sweden. It is only about 400 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, yet it is brilliantly green and vibrant. While winters here are long and cold, the short summers are quite warm. This is the best time of year to … Read more

Tromso – The Northern Paris

Northern light aurora borealis-Tromso

Tromso Tromsø lies in the northern part of Norway and was originally a medieval fortress community on the frontier of the wilderness. It lies only a couple of hundred miles away from the Arctic Circle, but it is warmer than most of its surroundings due to the benefits of the gulf stream that passes through … Read more

Trondheim-Home of The Strong and Fruitful

The Rose of Trondheim Since the Middle Ages, the Olaf-Rose have been used as the city’s symbol. A Icelandic sorcery book mention the rose as a reference to a knot St. Olaf carried around, as protection against temptation. Well, you’re going to need several roses if you want protection against all the fun Trondheim has … Read more

North Cape-The Real Norway

North Cape Nordkapp which directly translated means North Cape is an interesting destination. This place has a great history as one that was rounded by Richard Chancellor in the 16th century when he discovered the Northeast Passage. North Cape of Norway is home to many attractions. People who have come to North Cape and had … Read more