7 Best Attractions in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, intriguing cultures and legendary traditions in the world. One particular draw for many visitors to this region is the famous aurora borealis (or Northern Lights), but Scandinavia offers much more than its dramatic night lights in the sky. From royal palaces to sandy beaches, here … Read more

Best Ways to Experience New Travel Destinations

As humans traveling around is the best way to always challenge our imaginations, give meaning to long-borne perceptions and make sense of the world. People travel for various reasons including out of sheer leisure and enjoyment, the pursuit of greener pastures, education, and many more. Whichever the reasons that cause someone to leave their own … Read more

Fantasy World Naestved

Mexican figurines

Located close to Naestvedt, Fantasy World is a huge area that cover 10000 square meter and is a part of Bonbon land, and houses over a 1000 mexican figurines, an huge amount of activities and possibilites for playful children with, for example, a gigantic bouncy castle, glassblowing and a teddy-bear-workshop, where you can make your own teddy-bear. … Read more