Fantasy World Naestved

Located close to Naestvedt, Fantasy World is a huge area that cover 10000 square meter and is a part of Bonbon land, and houses over a 1000 mexican figurines, an huge amount of activities and possibilites for playful children with, for example, a gigantic bouncy castle, glassblowing and a teddy-bear-workshop, where you can make your own teddy-bear.

Bonbon land

This infamous amusement park actually started out as a candy-factory! No wonder the children love it. The amusement park is one of Denmark’s most visited and really put Naestved on the map. Here you can experience water-rides, roller-coasters and theme-styled areas like “moon land”. Bonbon land is truly a must-see, and is a perfect day-trip if you already visit Copenhagen. And don’t forget the toothbrush! Of course you will be exposed to candy, this place being an old candy-factory and all.

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