A Quick Expat Guide in Odense

Your experience in Denmark can never be complete without a visit or short stay in Odense. There is just so much in store for you in the city that was home to the prolific writer of the time, Hans Christian Andersen.

Odense will surprise you with its unique historical and cultural heritage. Modernity too has its presence in form of great buildings and the bubbly cheerful population that takes pride in their everyday life. The richness of Odense city spans back more than 200 years ago.

The well paved streets of Odense City

Odense also plays host to various annual festivals which attract people from far and wide. Any fun-loving person cannot miss reasons to find the city enjoyable and inspiring. The cultural events that are organized annually in Odense relive not only the city’s history but also of entire Denmark.

In Odense, you will be spoilt for the choice of cuisines, attractions, cultural diversity, and many more. You will obviously enjoy the cozy atmosphere and take some time to meditate around the city’s many green oases.

Best way to fully experience Odense

When you enter Odense, you need to really understand its planning for you to get a full experience. The city has different districts which are open for you to explore. The original part of the city is the historic neighborhood which was home to HC Andersen, Oluf Bager, and many other prominent citizens.

You can then take a walk down to the port of Odense, which currently teams with a lot of activity and typically turning into one of the active industrial harbors in Denmark. The port has a modern residential neighborhood with restaurants and activities. 

therapeutic placed worth a visit in Odense City

The Latin Quarter of the old textile factory Brandts is also a place to be.  As you move to the southern end of the city, Mrs. Bøge will be there to embrace if not surprise you with whatever you wish. This is where rich people moved for a picnic in the green.

Housing in Odense

In Odense, there are provisions for renting, buying, or getting student accommodation. It is however important to use legit housing agencies which have a good history. The best way to find such companies is to visit their websites or just make a walk-in to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous dealers. 

Key to you finding the right accommodation for you in Odense is the need to take a look at the lists of accommodation portalshousing associations, and private landlords in Odense.

typical apartments in Odense

You will, however,  realize that rental properties in Odense are highly competitive as demand is often so high. You will need to be super active and ready to act quickly so that you really get the right apartment. You may be lucky to get a furnished or semi-furnished house in Odense but most of the rental properties are unfurnished. 

Renting a home in Odense requires that you pay a deposit of up to three months and an advance payment of between 1-3 months. However, these specific details depend on the nature of the tenancy agreement you are signing. It is important to always pay close attention to every detail in the contract as they become binding when you sign it. 

The list of websites here gives the individuals and agencies that offer rooms and apartments for rent and sale. of the websites will charge you a fee to access contact details.

Approximate Housing Charges 

  • Room in a student’s hall of residence (kollegium)- EURO 240-460 /month
  • Privately rented room in a house/flat (with access to shower): Estimated price, 12-20m2 room, EURO 270-600 per month.
  • Privately rented flat– 35-60m2 apartment EURO 470-940 /month

Free Websites for housing

  • www.findbolig.nu (most comprehensive, only in Danish) 
    Student housing, flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent. With links to landlords/Real Estate Agents.
  • www.boligsurf.dk (in English)
    Flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent.
  • boligdeal.dk (partially English)
    Site coordinating communication between tenants, buyers and landlords of private housing
  • www.gromia.com (partially English)
    Site coordinating communication between tenants and landlords of private housing
  • boligoensker.dk (only in Danish)
    All around housing and accommodation
  • www.findroommate.dk
    Students and others looking for roommates
  • www.lejerbo.dk
    Lejerbo administers apartments across Denmark, including youth housing.
  • www.boliga.dk (Google translation)
    Student housing, flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent
  • www.ledige-lejligheder.dk (Google translation)
    Site coordinating communication between tenants, buyers and landlords of private housing
  • www.akutbolig.dk (Google translation)
    Site coordination communication between tenants and landlords of private housing
  • www.findhousingdenmark.com
    Information site about the housing market for tenants

Pay-to-view Websites

  • www.dba.dk (Google translation)
    Ebay affiliate. List of flats and rooms for rent. Some ads are free to view
  • www.boligportal.dk (in English)
    Flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent: 50 euro/2 months
  • www.bolighit.dk (in English)

Flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent: 27 euro/3 months

  • www.lejebolig.dk (in English)
    Flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent: 50 euro/2 months
  • www.boligbasen.dk (in English)
    Flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent: 80 euro/6 months
  • https://en.boligninja.dk/ (English (translated version))
    Flats, shared apartments and rooms for rent: 2,5 euro/3 days and afterwards 40 euros/1 month

Getting work and working in Odense

Once in Odense as a student or any other category of residence, the next source of concern is how to get a reasonable wage earning job. It is true that daily sustenance and other bills in Odense requires you to have some good money which is the recon you need some form of gainful employment on a full time or part time basis. 

In Odense, you can get jobs without necessarily having ability to speak Danish. The jobs are accommodative to English speaking people as well. 

For job openings in Odense you can check; 

Other popular job websites for you:

Education in Odense

Odense is typically a city where residents strive to balance family, work and studies. If you do not need to study then maybe you child needs it. So Odense offers some of the best educational institutions in Denmark. The schools use an elaborate curriculum which meets the EU standards. As a foreign student you can learn more about Odense on

Leading and Education in Odense

The higher education Institutions in Odense include;

Primary schools in Odense

You can enrol your child in the schools in Odense here, 

International schools Maybe you require to take your child to an international school in Odense. You can choose from enrolling your child in Odense International School and Nyborg Gymnasium