Getting to Live in Denmark

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Getting to live in Denmark is a good opportunity and experience for anyone interested in having an international feel. In the wider Scandinavian region, Denmark stands out as highly agricultural and with so many job opportunities. in fact, there are always more jobs in Denmark than people who can work. Interestingly, all these jobs are well paying and labor agreements very strongly protect worker rights. In a nutshell, you can never go wrong by living in Denmark.

For anyone out there with a longing and dream to ever live in Denmark, stand assured that it would be a best bet for you. Whether you want to go to work, study, research or participate in cultural activities, Denmark will always offer the best. For any ambitious and industrious person, moving to Denmark can be just what unleashes one’s full potential.

Although not so many people get a chance of moving to Denmark, those who do it with their eyes on particular targets always turn out very successful. So, it is important to first have the urge, morale and motivation to explore, contribute to the building of the country.

What not to do in Denmark

Denmark is a free world that offers every person, including foreigners an opportunity for actualising their dreams to becoming the best version of themselves. But even amidst these great possibilities, every person has a role and duties to perform. Some of these individual responsibilities and roles are common sense but others are put in law. One of the responsibilities of all in Denmark is to embrace the endearing Danish working culture in which each person contributes a fair share in taxes and service.

Since Denmark runs a social system in which guarantees the best conditions for everyone, the responsibility now turns to you as an immigrant to give back to the society in kind. Unfortunately, some mistaken immigrants may have this impression that the government has a lot of money which they just need to exploit without contributing a thing back as individuals. The truth of the matter is that as an immigrant, Denmark needs you as much as you need to benefit from her.

Sea jobs in Denmark (Bornholm-Denmark)

It may not be a good idea for you as a foreigner to just move into Denmark for the sole purpose of eating free from the system. Just like any country, Denmark has its national interests and warmly welcomes anyone who has the potential, zeal, and motivation to contribute to its building.

Denmark has a civil register that gives details about every person. So, anything that you do and is worth taking note such as crime, aggression, or exemplary contribution is reflected in the register. At any time, your profile is used to decide whether you are qualified to continue staying in the country.

In Denmark, avoid crime, observe the laws, respect the authority, be conscientious, innovative and industrious. It is insulting to think about moving to Denmark just for the sake of doing it.

Getting Permanent Residence in Denmark 

Subject to other considerations, a person who has been residing in Denmark continuously on a temporary residence for eight years can be granted a permanent residence permit in Denmark. Typically, such applications for permanent residence take up to 8 months and requires the applicant to pay the fees of processing such permeant residence.

Beautifully designed houses in cities of Denmark

According to the European Union, however, an individual who can prove legal residence of at least five years in the European country can be granted permanent residence. One only needs to follow through the processes enlisted in New to Denmark which details each and every stage involved in securing permanent residence in Denmark as well as the particular exceptions. 

Becoming a Danish Citizen 

Being a fully bonafide Danish citizen could be the dream of any expatriate who has enjoyed the favourable conditions in the country. However, it is not through a simple process or sheer luck that one gets such highly coveted status as an expatriate.

Due process and pertinent considerations have to be met. A critical part of getting  Danish citizenship is that it requires legal nationalisation. One can become a Danish citizen through naturalisation, declaration, or birth.

People are also allowed to hold dual citizenship in Denmark. The conditions under which an individual gets citizenship in Denmark are always likely to be varied with an aim of meeting the country’s immigration and foreign policies. 

Establishment card/ residence in Denmark 

Establishment card is one way that allows graduates from Danish institutions to stay longer in Denmark after completion of their studies. Interestingly, a foreign graduate from a Danish education institution can apply for establishment card after competition of each program.

For instance, after completion of masters and Ph.D. A previously issued establishment card and completion of a new level of study is an adequate reason to apply for another establishment card. The academic attainments provided to support an application should strictly meet the Danish established card eligibility criteria.

One requirement is that an individual has graduated with a master’s or Ph.D. from a Danish university and that the course weight is not less than 60 ECTS. 

Extension of residence permit in Denmark 

Holders of temporary stay in Denmark can always apply for extension of such residence given that they can provide compelling reasons for it. The various categories of residence in Denmark have particular procedures and requirements for extension.

Short stay visas (90 days) in Denmark can also be extended for reasons such as humanitarian considerations, critical business or personal reasons, and unprecedented extraordinary circumstances such as airline strikes.