Scandinavia – a long introduction

It is common to hear people planning to travel to the United States of America, Europe, and Australia. When someone mentions Europe, the countries that feature prominently are the big ones including Germany, France, Italy, or the United Kingdom. But in reality, there is a treasured region within the wider …

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A Quick Expat Guide in Odense

Your experience in Denmark can never be complete without a visit or short stay in Odense. There is just so much in store for you in the city that was home to the prolific writer of the time, Hans Christian Andersen. Odense will surprise you with its unique historical and …

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Esbjerg, Denmark

In Southern Denmark lies the city of Esbjerg which opens up to the North Sea. Something that makes Esbjerg stand out is its port and the many institutions of higher learning around which make it more or less a student city. Nothing can be said about Esbjerg without the mention …

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Tours Denmark

Top tours in Denmark

Denmark is a beautiful country with plenty to see and do. Although the majority of travelers come to Copenhagen to enjoy their time here, Denmark tour guides know that there is plenty more beyond the city limits. This Denmark guide to the best tours will help you plan your itinerary …

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Black sun

The black sun in Denmark

Spring and autumn starlings gather in the marshes at Hojer (Højer) in huge flocks on the move. Just before the starlings go down on the ground for the night, the big flocks draw fascinating patterns in the sky – what is  called “black sun “. Hojer is close to Tonder (Tønder), and …

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Mexican figurines

Fantasy World Naestved

Located close to Naestvedt, Fantasy World is a huge area that cover 10000 square meter and is a part of Bonbon land, and houses over a 1000 mexican figurines, an huge amount of activities and possibilites for playful children with, for example, a gigantic bouncy castle, glassblowing and a teddy-bear-workshop, where you …

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Odense could be one of the de la creme cities of Denmark which anyone in Denmark cannot miss to visit. Just to note, Whenever people talk about Funen, the name Odense city quickly comes to mind. So as a matter of curiosity, visiting Odense city should be a priority. The …

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