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Bork Legeland; the legendary Jutland’s playland

By: Awino Fredrick

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Bork Legeland; the legendary Jutland’s playland

It may obviously take a newcomer some time to really get to identify amazing places in Denmark. In fact, so many may live in Denmark for a long time without even exploring all the gems the country has in store. But, those who well understand that resting and relaxation should ordinarily have its place even amidst a tight schedule fix in some time to visit Bork Legeland. Playing should not be dismissed as a non issue especially in a world where we are battling psychological challenges such as burnouts, work-related stress, depression and more. Maybe  visiting the largest playground in Jutland could provide the best therapy anyone may need to feel rejuvenated.  

Let children and adults alike enjoy their time at Bork Legeland

Bork Legeland as an emblem of Jutland’s great offerings

West Jutland is known worldwide for its open lands, heaths, plains and peat bogs. However, it also has various attractions that attract people from all over the world. One of these attractions is Bork Legeland. It is the largest playground in this region with many activities for both adults and children.  

It doesn’t matter if you are in the market for excitement, play or fun, the establishment has many activities for you. Besides, it’s the perfect place to visit with your entire family for a day’s fun and merrymaking. It is also a good place for team building activities and outdoor fun with friends. 

Children can always have some fun at Bork Legeland

In addition, Bork Legeland organizes all their activities according to different age groups. Thus, it ensures that all the guests engage in age-appropriate activities and that all their leisure needs are met. On their website, you will find the list of activities that you can look forward to during your visit. 

An Overview of Bork Legeland

Everyone’s mental and physical well being depends on their ability to balance between work and play. Taking a day or two off work and school will ensure that your brain and overall physique remains active. This is where attractions such as Bork Legeland come in. Bork Legeland lies on the edge of Bork Harbor by Ringkøbing Fjord. It offers more than 2500 m2 of play land. 

The playground offers a wide selection of activities that ensure you have an active day throughout your visit. However, physical activity also means that you and your family or friends will need a sumptuous meal during the day. Luckily for you, Bork Legeland also has a café at the play area where you can eat. 

However, you are also allowed to carry packed lunch if you don’t want to spend extra on food. You will also be pleased to know that all activities at Bork Legeland are free though you have to pay the entrance fees. Next to the establishment are some of Esmark’s most beautiful rental summer houses.  

So, you can rent a summer house close by the rough sea and calm fjord to make your summer holiday that much more interesting. Here, you will get to enjoy a quiet moment and scenic pearls where you and your loved ones can make amazing memories. Guests staying at these houses get to experience Bork Legeland in its full glory.  

Facilities you will get at Bork Legeland

At Bork Legeland you can expect to find a wide range of facilities that you can enjoy with your friends and family. For starters, you will have many parking spaces where you get to park for free. As soon as you pay the entrance fee, you are all fitted with a wristband that is valid for your entire stay. It also means that you can leave and get back to the premises the whole day without having to pay more money. 

When you and your children make it to Bork Legeland, just expect all fun

The 2500 square meters playland offers various activities for people from all age groups including the youngest and the older children. For instance, you can send your youngest children to the Enggaarden. It is a section of the playland that is equipped with a farm theme that perfectly suits kids aged 0 to 3 years old. 

At Legeland, the kids will love acting as a farmer for an entire day. Similarly, you can visit the mini-climbing castle, the mini-slide in the ball pool or in the tube tunnels. The trick is to choose an activity that you all enjoy most. However, some people spend a few hours or minutes on different activities. This ensures that they utilize all the resources at their disposal at Bork Legeland.

Things to do at Bork Legeland 

The playland offers guests many opportunities to choose from a wide selection of activities. Since there is something for everyone, you can all have fun before leaving Bork Legeland without anyone feeling left out. If you or your kids enjoy shooting with ball cannons, then you should begin at the multi-climbing castle in 6 levels. 

Similarly, you can get to  slide on the 3 different slides and also swim in the ball pool if that’s more your thing. If not then go for a jump on the rodeo bull or play at the slot machines. However, these are just a few examples of what you can do. There are many more activities and facilities for you. 

Bork Legeland also has many fun activities for adults without children. For example, you can access the quiet room at the facility. Here, you and your friends, partner or family can relax in the corner of the sofa. You can also go to the massage chairs and read a magazine to get over a long day.  

More Challenging Activities for adventure enthusiasts at Bork Legeland

If you love challenges and physical activity then you will love Bork Legeland. Here you can visit the climbing wall and challenge yourself to activate the siren walls. You can be sure it will get the adrenaline pumping through your body. Similarly, you can challenge your friend, partner or family member to an intense fight through a gladiator match or sumo match

Another challenging activity here could be giving the trampolines a try to fasten your heart rate. At the trampoline, guests can play aero ball  which is a combination of handball, basketball, volleyball and trampoline jumping simultaneously. It’s also important to find out the opening hours of the establishment on their website before visiting.