Exquisite experience at Comwell Nordhavn

At the back of any traveller’s mind is a sheer longing to get an experience like no other at an exotic destination. Nobody saves up money to spend on some kind of boring place which inspires no memories. In Copenhagen, anyone planning a visit to or living in Denmark can be sure to get a whole array of fantastic restaurants well blended with marvellous artificial as well as natural attractions. Those who have been to Copenhagen on a business trip or just leisure know way too well that checking at Comwell Nordhavn opens one to a great adventure of great ambience. 

On any day in Copenhagen, the bustle of city life never misses. From the word go, it is possible for you to witness how busy the city is on a 24 hour basis. If you doubt it, take a tour to the Copenhagen central station any time of the day then see for yourself. But, nobody can just spend time outdoors or in public spaces all the time. You’ll ordinarily need to retreat to your abode every evening after intensive meetings, adventure tours out or shopping sprees. There is a whole array of restaurants that will offer you a chance to comfortably rest and rejuvenate for the next day. 

Copenhagen city, a city of many faces but great adventures

Copenhagen is a popular destination for foreigners visiting Denmark for work, school or even business. The city stands out for many reasons, among them happy locals, cycling culture and thriving economy. While in the city, there are limitless possibilities when it comes to social life, vacationing and good old fashioned dining. 

Copenhagen has different neighbourhoods that all come with attractions and friendly locals. One such neighbourhood is Nordhavn. It is popular for its amazing architecture, top-notch bathing and eating in the sky. However, the neighbourhood is still fairly new and growing so it has a lot of potential compared to other places. 

The ambience and tranquillity within Comwell Nordhavn is one like no other

It has various hotels/restaurants including the contemporary Comwell Portside, that focuses on sustainability. The hotel is a popular place for both locals and foreigners in the city. It is part of the Comwell chain and has been deemed as “Denmark’s most sustainable hotel chain” three years in a row. Let’s look at a few reasons why the hotel is worth visiting. 

Getting to know something deep about Comwell Nordhavn 

The first striking feature of Comwell Nordhavn is its unique design and architecture. It reflects the hotel’s sustainability philosophy while also highlighting Danish design in decoration. Similarly, it combines the contemporary with the classics like Arne Jakobsen and Børge Mogensen. 

The lounge is not only cosy but also offers a calm ambience that enables guests to sit, relax and enjoy their stay. This is also reflected in the atmosphere and the colours throughout the hotel. If you are keen enough, you might realize that they echo the industrial characteristics of the vibrant Nordhavn neighbourhood. 

However, unlike in other places, it is not immediately apparent so it might take a minute or two to notice this. One can feel an urban vibe as soon as they step into the lobby, which can only be a representation of the neighbourhood that it is located in. If you are not into architecture and design, don’t worry because there are other reasons to visit this attraction. It has other features such as a restaurant that serves good food. 

Comwell Nordhavn; the best Restaurant for those wishing to chill out

As a guest at Comwell Nordhavn you won’t have to worry about where your next meal will come from. The hotel restaurant is not only elegant but also urban and focused on sustainability. It offers a comfortable environment and serves world cuisine that is to die for and culture intensive. 

A well set up dining table is all you get at Comwell Nordhavn

However, what makes the restaurant stand out is that it focuses on sustainability. They promote the stop wasting food movement through their “the fridge must be emptied” concept. Denmark is known for its focus on stopping food waste therefore this comes as no surprise. Thus, the menu entails food made from what is left in the fridge as well as what the season allows. 

Another thing to love about the restaurant is that it’s inclusive of everyone including vegans and vegetarians. The green avantgarde kitchen uses greens pulled out from earth or picked from trees and bushes around the country. However, it’s important to note that the food at the restaurant tends to be a bit spicy. So, you should go prepared to enjoy spicy food. 

The restaurant also includes a good collection of drinks including beer and wine. They also have wine buffets and a beer menu so it is the perfect place for a good night out with friends. Thankfully the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and remains open throughout so you are free to visit any time. 

Furthermore, the restaurant also has its own herb garden and mushroom room making it a self-sufficient system. You might also be pleased to know that they allow you to cut your own herbs for your food, on the tables and at the buffet. It ensures that you play an active role in preparing your food and makes guests feel more at home. 

Convenient Location of Comwell Nordhavn and other Facilities

Comwell Nordhavn is conveniently located in a vibrant and hippy part of Copenhagen. Moving from and to the hotel is simple using the metro station Orientkaj since it’s only 100 meters away. It is also located less than 10 mins away from the City Center. It takes seven to eight minutes to get to the City Center and 20 min to the airport. Therefore, you can still get to engage in other activities in the city and even catch a flight. 

The location is also convenient because it is close to the harbour, metro, other recreational areas, and offers a vibrant urban atmosphere. Besides, it is the closest hotel to the cruise port since it’s just 2 km away. It is also equipped with a café, two green atriums and 445 bedrooms for guests from all over the world.
You can also conduct business at the hotel since it has conference rooms. It offers 17 conference and meeting rooms with adequate natural daylight. The largest conference room can hold up to 400 people so it should be adequate. The largest conference rooms have a theatre set-up while the smaller ones can hold 200 persons in classroom set-up. 

This is also an effective place to hold other events including a party where you expect a group of people. It has an exhibition or party area in the basement. The area has no natural light and can accommodate up to 1200 people..

The hotel has 10 guest rooms accessible to wheelchair users. All public areas, including restaurants and the bar, are accessible to wheelchair users. Furthermore, wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available close to all public areas.

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