Løkken Klit Camping for holidayers 

Those who have taken to camping know how relieving the experience can be especially after spending months on end at work. In Summer over Scandinavians, people hop into their caravans and set out for various destinations across the region. It is when camping that one gets to really experience the natural environment at best, witness the sunrise, sunset and everything else in between. In fact, if not spending time at the various restaurants and hotels in Denmark, the next best option is camping. In Denmark, there exist camping sites designated for those planning to spend memorable time outdoors. Wondering where exactly you can get to enjoy camping individually or in teams in Denmark?  make Løkken Klit Camping your preferred destination on your next adventure diary. 

Getting in relate with Løkken Klit Camping

Løkken is a popular tourist and vacation destination in Denmark. Though the town began as a fishing village, today it has grown significantly. The long, wide and white sandy beaches make it particularly great for a family holiday. This charming coastal town offers many attractions for visitors and locals. 

Camping never gets any better than one spent at Løkken Klit

Among its popular attractions is Løkken Klit Camping & Cottage Village. It is situated by the Hvorup Klit sand dunes and the Jammerbugten Bay. Furthermore, Lokken town is just five minutes away from the campsite by car. It is the best holiday site for you and your family especially if you love the beach. 

A closeup of Løkken Klit Camping 

If you love the calmness and natural sceneries that come with rural areas then you will also love Løkken Klit Camping. The campsite is conveniently located in a rural area and near theme parks that will blow your mind off. If you ask any local, they will tell you that Borglum Abbey and Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse are the landmarks to this hidden gem. 

From Lokken Beach and Saltum Beach, you can tell that Løkken Klit Camping blends perfectly with the area’s natural beauty.  As a guest, you get to enjoy free WIFI and other perks that come with access to the beach. Furthermore, the campsite also provides free parking which is expected in most establishments in rural areas.

Furthermore, the campsite is accessible to all family members including children and dogs. It also has cottages equipped with a kitchen and a fridge. So you and your family can stay fed and entertained during your stay. The kitchen also offers facilities where you can make tea or brew coffee to kick start or end your day here. 

Let’s get camping, its the best way to offload and rejuvenate our spirits

If you are not a fan of self-serving food then you will still enjoy your stay here. The campsite has a fast food grill bar where you can buy various foods and drinks. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to know that there is a minimarket on site that is open to guests. In addition, while at the facility, you can choose a cottage that comes with a private bathroom, T.V and a seating area. Also, you don’t have to worry about communication as a foreigner since the staff at the facility are fluent in English. 

Leisure Facilities at Løkken Klit Camping

At the Løkken Klit Camping establishment, you can engage in many fun activities with your entire family. Since Lokken is majorly known as a holiday town, the campsite focuses on providing as many leisure facilities as possible. For instance, guests have access to a sun terrace where they can enjoy the sun and cool breeze while admiring the beach. 

Similarly, there are heated swimming pools in the campsite that also come with water slides for both adults and children. For those who love water and bathing activities, this is the best place to vacation and relax. Furthermore, you get to engage in many physical activities that will get your blood pumping. 

Løkken Klit Camping has a volleyball court and a football field where guests can engage and interact with each other over a game or two. If riding is more your style then you can rent the bicycles available at the facility. The advantage of riding a bike is that you can exercise while also exploring the campsite and enjoying the natural scenery. 

Besides, there are other attractions that one might enjoy near the campsite. For instance, the Løkken Golf Course is less than 10 minutes’ drive away. Similarly, the Fårup Sommerland theme Park is 7.5 miles away. So, you can select a day from your stay and take your children or partner to visit the theme park for an entertaining day. 

Other Key facts you need to know about Løkken Klit Camping

The camp’s location next to a sandy beach ensures that guests have many different activities to engage in. As a guest, you can rent a caravan, hikers’ cabins or a bungalow. The playground and sportsground are perfect for children especially if they are active and adventurous. The availability of a toddler pool at the campsite makes it safe for children to swim and bathe in the water. 

Another fun fact about the facility is that it has an entertainment program to enhance guest experience. Staying at the campsite is also fairly affordable since you can camp for €22 per night in the low season. They also allow dogs during low seasons. However, the dogs have to stay on a leash and a guest can only bring a maximum of two dogs. 

At the reception, you will be expected to provide proof of identity. The good news is that they accept ACSI Club ID as proof of identity. Apart from that, guests can also pay using their credit cards. The credit cards accepted include visa card, MasterCard, Diners Club, and  AmEx. The reception is very accessible since it is wheelchair enabled so anyone can get to it easily.
The campsite also has other facilities for the disabled including a shower with shower seat and a toilet. The campsite also has cycle routes where guests can ride their rented bikes comfortably. Subsequently, you will find marked walking routes that make it easier to explore the campsite without fear. 

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