Popular Seafood Restaurants in Sweden

Anyone who knows a thing or two about Scandinavia generally and Denmark specifically knows that seafood is a delicacy. It is Sweden, like the rest of the region where one gets to eat so many types of seafood. In fact if you are so picky on what to eat, it may be difficult to first embrace eating the strangely-looking sea creatures. For example, you will get to eat a long list of bony fishes, crustaceans, and molluscs. Should you be planning to take a tour of Sweden or just live there, something extra to add to your list is checking into seafood restaurants in Sweden. 

Its also exciting to take a meal specifically at some of the fish plug when in Stockholm.

The long list of seafood that will be served for someone interested in trying out a new cuisine include skates, rays, sawfish, sturgeons, lobsters, shrimps, prawns, crayfish, oysters, cockles and mussels. To just make it clear for those really interested in creating new memories and seeking adventures in Sweden, seafood won’t be out in a meal. Whether it is in the form of whole fish, 

Coming to Sweden means for a first timer

Sweden is popular worldwide for its meatballs though there is much more to Swedish food. Whether you are looking for soft, crisp bread, tender melt-in-mouth fish or meat, you can find it in this beautiful Scandinavian country. For the longest time, Sweden was a fishing country with many venturing into this occupation. 

It therefore comes as no surprise that fish and seafood remain a major part of Swedish life. It also reflects on the dishes served by most restaurants in the country. For instance, you will find that most people prefer Räkmacka or Shrimp sandwiches. Most restaurants serve it as a main dish or appetizer. 

Seafood as a key delicacy in Sweden 

Wherever you are in Sweden, you are never too far from water. The country’s proximity to water makes it non-surprising that it hosts many amazing seafood restaurants. It is one of the best countries to visit if you are a seafood lover. It doesn’t matter if you prefer traditional Swedish flavours such as herring and salmon, Sweden has it all. 

Getting to taste some of the tantalizing taste of fish diets in Sweden

You can also find many restaurants that serve French bouillabaisse, luxurious oyster and shellfish plateaus all over Sweden. In its capital Stockholm for instance, you will find several  classic tavern-like restaurants, urban food courts and idyllic seaside restaurants. Luckily, most of them charge affordable prices. Below are some popular seafood joints that might be worth checking out. 

Try out seafood at the fishery and Farm Family in Sweden

If you are looking for a budget-friendly fish restaurant in Stockholm then the Fishery might be a good place. The joint is run by chef Malin Söderström, with the help of others. It offers guests some of Sweden’s popular fish dishes at affordable prices. Here, you will get to taste delicious fish dishes such as crispy fish, fish tacos and fish burgers. It has three branches in Teatern, Gallerian shopping arcade and one in Täby Centrum. You can find their website here: https://www.thefishery.se.

Stim Restaurant in Stockholm

Eating seafood at Stim doesn’t just mean tasting some of the professionally prepared food. It means trying your taste buds with some of the uncommon cuisines. If anything, visiting Stim means exposing oneself to the Swedish food culture that will greatly challenge what we may have first thought to be the best meals. Seafood is served in different ways  including whole seafood, fish balls, filets and more. 

Its always possible to savour a platter of seafood in Sweden

Wondering where to find Stim? Worry not as it lies within reach and in the  neighbourhood Narvavagen 32, Ostermalm.  Its famous charcoal grill makes it unique and popular among the locals and foreigners. It also stands out because it serves its dishes with simple accompaniments. If you love seafood and fish cooked directly on a charcoal grill then this is the place to go. You will have access to a variety of dishes in a cosy environment. 

Söderholmens Fisk / Seafood, Restaurant 

Söderholmens Fisk can be your go to restaurant located in Malmo, Sweden and serves both seafood and Scandinavian dishes. Most of the people who have visited the restaurant have lauded it for preparing the best fish and chips in Malmo. It opens from 11 am to 9pm and the prices are fairly affordable as per Sweden standards. It is worth passing by while in Malmo for their oyster and other dishes. The restaurant also has very good staff and is very clean so you can expect a cozy and warm environment. 

Två Fiskare Restaurant; Seafood

Två Fiskare restaurant/ Seafood is located in Umeå and serves seafood, Scandinavian and Swedish dishes. The restaurant closes at 6 PM so it is a good place to visit for a late lunch or early dinner. Customers have indicated that they serve delicious fish and shrimps made of a rich creamy fish broth. 

Hambergs Fisk Restaurant

Hambergs Fisk  is a place of many names. It is not only about seafood but also a  pub and bar located in Uppsala and serves seafood and other vegetarian options. Here you can find tasty and fresh food though they tend to have small portions. They also have a good selection of beer, wine and other drinks that you can order to complement your food. Luckily, the joint opens from 11:30AM to 10PM so you can choose the most convenient time to visit. 

Wedholms Fisk Restaurant 

If you are looking for a distinguished yet innovative seafood restaurant in Sweden then Wedholms Fisk could be the place for you. It is located in Nybrokajen 17, City/Norrmalm and serves various dishes. The joint was opened way back in 1985 and is one of Stockholm’s most popular seafood restaurants.

Wedholms Fisk has managed to stand out because of its tendency to combine marine delicacies with cultural heritage. It is also reflected by the presence of local artists’ works on their walls. Wedholms Fisk Restaurant is also known in Sweden for its striking tasting menu that offers a true gastronomic experience.

Melanders Dalagatan Restaurant 

The Melanders restaurant is located at Dalagatan 9R, Vasastan in Stockholm. It is popularly known for its expertise in seafood and fish. They have maintained this reputation from the sixties and own various stores around Stockholm. Their shop and brasserie on Dalagatan serves French/Swedish classic fish dishes – everything from pickled herring to mussels  to shellfish platters.

Rökeriet Seafood Restaurant, Stockholm

Rökeriet Seafood Restaurant is located in Nynäshamn and serves Scandinavian, Seafood and vegetarian dishes. This is the best place for traditional Swedish Seafood lovers in Sweden. It also offers guests direct access to the water in this beautiful Swedish neighborhood. It also serves other foods other than seafood and vegetarian so you should have many options to choose from.  The restaurant closes by 6PM so you should visit before this time to avoid inconveniences. 

Bengts Fisk i Lysekil / Seafood

Bengts Fisk i Lysekil / Seafood restaurant is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for fresh seafood in a cozy place. The restaurant is located by the harbor in Lysekil, offering guests a great view of the water. Here you can order a seafood platter and enjoy a delicious meal from the various options. Similarly, they offer impressive services with very friendly staff. Luckily it opens from 9AM  to 8PM so you can visit at the most convenient time of the day. 

Malmstens Fisk and Kök Seafood, Restaurant

Malmstens Fisk & Kök / Seafood Restaurant is another place to visit if you are looking for seafood in Sweden. It is located in Lund and serves seafood, European, Scandinavian, Swedish and other soups. Here, you can also find good service thanks to the attentive staff who do their work so professionally. You can expect to  be attended to by these smiley and courtseous stff up util when the restaurant closes at 6 pm every other day. 

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