Your fish plug when in Stockholm, Sweden

Talk of Stockholm, one of the the most visited cities in Sweden and consisting of up to 14 islands and over 50 bridges. The city has a lot of exiting places worth visiting and any newcomer should consider sampling just a few. Aside from the many attractions that will form good food for the eyes, there is also something for your taste buds, fish.

Many visitors to Stockholm make the obvious mistake of being excessively focused on attending to their seminars, conferences, studies, jobs or whatever it is that brings them to the city. Well, being oriented to a specific goal isn’t a bad thing but there may be a risk of not thinking hard about what to eat and where?

Having a delicacy prepared and served with the greatest love is not just a luxury but something that will without a doubt make life in Stockholm memorable. It is perfectly fine to just walk into a restaurant down the city and order a meal. But, it makes a lot more difference when a visitors already has an idea where exactly there is a likelihood of being served a memorable meal.

Thinking about where to eat in Stockholm, Sweden

Are you planning to travel, or are you currently in Stockholm, Sweden, and you need a place where you can create memories? Then Wedholms Fisk is the place. The place is worth every coin that you will spend. It has finger-licking food and especially fisks. You cannot go to Stockholm and fail to visit the place.

I consider the place the best in Stockholm for anyone who needs any delicacies, especially seafood. They are just prepared in an amazing way that you will want to order and order again till you forget that you need to do other things. Basically, it has the highest quality food, and the customer rating at Google (4.6) is a confirmation.

After getting a few friends while in Sweden, most of them will recommend this restaurant to you. Some of them will even take you there so that you can enjoy the seafood and view. Besides, many people love the place due to its attractive prices. By the way, most of the Swedes are so friendly, and they love visitors.

Founding Fisk

The Wedholms Fisk was founded in 1985. It has been in the same location in Nybrokajen Stockholm since then because the customers understand it is the best place to enjoy fisk delicacy. Besides, most of the employees have been in the company since the company commenced its operations.

It is Brengt Wedholm, a legendary restaurateur that founded the restaurant. Apart from Wedholms, he has a bar with a classic style as well as an ocean view for a long period. The owner was also a great chef, and it is evident through the style of cooking used by Wedholms Fisk.

Opening Hours and location

The restaurant opens:

Monday to Friday from 11.30 to 23.00

Saturday: 17.00 to 23.00

Unfortunately, the restaurant remains closed on Sunday.

The restaurant is located in Nybrokajen 17, Stockholm, 111 48, Sweden. Also, you can contact the restaurant at +46(0)8611 7874.

Events at Wedholms fisk

Do you have an event? Then look no further; Wedholms fisk is the place. It is a place where your family member, friends, and yourself can create exciting memories. You can book any event at the place, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, graduation, anniversaries, and others. The restaurant has fancy décor as well as a calm atmosphere.

For the private events, you just need to book a Chambre seperee at the Nybrokajen student business meeting. You can book any event all year round. However, you should remember that the restaurant remains close on Sundays. The staff is always ready to serve you a nice tasting fisk delicacy. All you do is just make bookings earlier on. The booking can help you enjoy the sights of Parco Berzelius.

The restaurant is located in Stockholm’s center bay. We said something about the way the décor is. I mean, it is just amazing with tasteful modern paintings, large windows, and high ceilings. When eating, you need a place where there is enough lighting, and Wedholms Fisk is the plug. In fact, the place has a spacious and sophisticated place making it easy to organize private events.

You should make a booking at Wedholms Fisk because it has Scandanavian dishes. Besides, the menu is well organized, and the dishes are tasty. Some of the foods that you can get on the restaurant’s menu include grilled halibut, oysters, and cooked smoked salmon. Apart from the fisk delicacies, one can get crème brûlée, ice cream, and che. Do you not need such drinks? Don’t worry; the restaurant has everything you need. In short, it is the house of cognac, champagne, and house wine. In fact, there are over 150 wines

Features of Wedholms Fisk

Wedholms is just a unique place that should be on your visiting list when in Stockholm. Your duty is just to make bookings in advance. Unfortunately, the restaurant does not make delivery. I think that is good because it feels good when the customers have a feel of its atmosphere. Moreover, it does not matter even if you are not from Sweden. You can just make payments with your home country bank card as the restaurant accept credit cards. Lastly, even the physically challenged people can get access to the restaurant as it is wheelchair accessible.

Seafood Deluxe

At Wedholms Fisk, there are lots of shellfish as well as fresh fish. The fish are not served just like that. Instead, they are served with delicious vegetables and sauces. Remember, those chefs are not experimenting. They mainly focus on preparing the delicacies with quality ingredients, and attention is provided to everything.

Don’t just think that the place has seafood; remember, the food is simple as well as outstanding. Have you ever visited a place where the menu is divided in terms of fish type? Then you need to visit Wedholms Fisk whenever you are in town. Apart from the fish type menu, there are some dish options for every fish.

The quality of fish at Wedholms is so high. Moreover, all the flavors are well balanced properly. Remember, the horseradish does not empower the delicate white catch of the day. Have I talked about the staff? Oh my God, they are so friendly when serving the guests. They are all blonde. Moreover, when serving, you get the most friendly smile you have never encountered in any place. Besides, they are so mature and always listen to the customers’ feedback and needs.