Highly marketable courses in Denmark

Denmark is one of the European countries with great education recognized globally. As an ex-pat, it is good to study in Denmark but not any course. Your choice should be among the highly marketable courses in Denmark. Are you worried about the language used?

Do not worry, as most of the higher institutions in the country provide varied English-taught programs. About 600 of the study programs are taught in English, and some of the Danes speak English.

The cost of living in Denmark might be a bit high in the major cities, including Copenhagen. However, the students from EU/EEA members are lucky because they can get free education in the country. Moreover, there are options for scholarship applications that can enable them to get accommodation costs as well as a monthly stipend.

The top courses to study in Denmark

When choosing a course, you must think of it career-wise. For instance, the people studying IT-related courses have a high chance of getting jobs. Although the other courses might be good, you must be clever to choose the ones that are highly marketable in the country.

Something that can never be overemphasised is that the choice of course to take in Denmark can be the best gift for an expat. All the universities in Denmark are generally well equipped with necessary learning materials and equipment to support hands on learning.

Study Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Data Science in Denmark

Data scientists, as well as software engineers, are in very high demand in the country. They can get jobs in both private and public companies. Moreover, currently, most companies are in need of software engineers to handle cases such as cyber security in the dynamic and technological world. The IT industry is the best for ex-pats.

Almost every company in Denmark needs a software engineer. Basically, they are the backbone of all the software systems. The courses also help in understanding the way software systems are built, software testing, and quality assurance. Furthermore, there are varied opportunities for graduates in Denmark who have studied these courses. Apart from Denmark, they can get well-paying jobs in the fields globally.

You can study the coveted programs in the following universities in Denmark

  • Master of Science in Software Engineering- The University of Southern Denmark
  • Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering- Technical University of Denmark
  • A Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Science- University of Copenhagen
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering of Software – Aalborg University
  • Master of Science in Computer Engineering – Aarhus University

Accounting and Finance

As an EU/EEA citizen, Denmark is the best place to study Finance and Accounting. The reason is that you can get free education in the public universities in Denmark. These are among the top best subjects in the country even though many people do not prefer them as it is a bit challenging to be an accountant in the country.

Denmark, even though a small country, has attracted more talents and investors internationally as well as locally. Thus, this is a good time for students to study this course in the country. The course will continue being on-demand in the coming years. The degree programs are offered in two main languages including English and Danish.

The following universities offer Accounting and Finance Program in Denmark

  • Master of Economics and Business Administration-Accounting and Finance- University of Southern Denmark
  • A Master (2 years) of Science in Advanced Economics and Finance – Copenhagen Business School
  • Master (2 years) of Science in Economics and Business Administration (Finance and International Business) – Aarhus University
  • Masters of Science Economics (Finance)- Aalborg University

Medicine, a highly marketable course in Denmark

The third course that you should think of pursuing in Denmark is medicine. Most of the Danes love a satisfying experience at the hospital. They need excellent quality of services at the health care facilities. Another contribution to this is the high standard of education in medical programs. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of physicians in the country.

Becoming a medical doctor in Denmark takes about 6 years. Relatively, that is the amount of time it takes in most countries globally. The medical students must spend about 3 years of their Bachelor’s degree as well as three years for a Master’s degree. Besides, the graduates that want to specialize in a certain medical field must spend five more years training. It is important that most universities just offer medicine at a Master’s level.

These universities offer Medicine program in Denmark

  • University of Copenhagen
  • Aarhus University
  • Technical University of Denmark

The medicine program is a bit tricky. Therefore, it is important for an individual to learn Danish before embarking on studying the course. The above two universities offer the Program in Danish.