Emporia Shopping Centre, Malmö

Visiting the Scandinavia, Sweden to be specific without saving some time to check in at the Emporia Shopping centre? Then you journey is nowhere near complete. It does not matter whether you are visiting Malmö for a day, a week or a month. All that you may miss is at the Emporia shopping centre. Without exaggerating anything elegance, beauty and cosiness is all that defines the mall. Equally, anything someone has ever wished to buy for self or gift can be found at the mall.

93,000 m2 space and four storeys tall, the mall beautifully graces Malmö skyline. By accommodating more than 220 shops, the Emporia Shopping centre is a landmark building. By any standards, the mall is surely one of the iconic buildings that grace the beautiful city of Malmö, Sweden.            

Just to give anyone still doubting the status of Emporia Shopping Centre as a great architectural landmark. The building consumed a whopping approximately 2 billion Swedish kroner to construct. Having been opened for operations on 25 October 2012, visitors marvel at how an incredible masterpiece it is. The great array of shopping choices grace the shelves of the very many shops located inside acts as an icing on the cake.

On average, up to 25,000 visitors come to the mall to sample the great offerings from the shops. Still, some people visit the mall just to be wowed by its great look. If not interested in shopping, you can simply take some pictures probably for their Instagram pictures or Facebook profiles. In short, you can never miss something to do once at the mall for there is obviously something for everyone.

Popular Brands located within the Emporia Shopping Centre

You are visiting Sweden and is wondering which of your priority brands will likely be at the famous Emporia Shopping Centre. As is already told, the mall is home to over 200 shops with all their different specificities and offerings. But to be a more detailed, you will likely find the following businesses operating within the mall;

  • Calvin Klein
  • American Spin Cream
  • Bastard Burgers
  • Blomobox
  • Boss
  • Brothers
  • Change Lingerie
  • Chocolicius
  • Cubbus
  • Cutters

With a simple search on the Emporia Shopping Mall Website, it is easy to know whether your brand of choice is located there. But in the unlikely event that your shop is not located in the mall, there is a high likelihood of finding a perfect substitute, or even a more satisfying alternative.

Emporia Shopping Centre; Swedish best choice for all

When you visit Scandinavia, you can’t just resist the urge to visit one of the biggest mall in Malmo. Situated close to the Malmo Arena and Hyllie railway station, Emporia is an architectural marvel and a darling shopping destination. It’s impressive architecture presented in a 3D structure in a glass in a free form, represents the city’s now future landmark building. The mall surely well as it integrates into a fabric of the city.

If the description given does not yet capture your imagination, then look at the video tour of the great mall. It is not only welcoming for its design but also hosts some of the best brands under a single roof. There is just much more for you at the shopping mall which can be accessed here.

As you approach this shopping center in Malmo, a very huge golden chasm by the Swedish architects welcomes you in the south of Hyllie. The shoppers are directed into the three-storey building arranged on a figure eight plan from the entrance courtyard. Emporia is the very first recognized building by Wingardh from a competition to recognize a winner in the masterplan of proposed office blocks and housing.

Whereas Architect Gert Wingardh designed this building owned by Steen & Strom, the decorations characterized by sound design and soundscapes are the creations of Radja Sound Design Agency.

This makes the Emporia shopping centre a sight to behold

Emporia shopping centre was open from the 25th of October in 2012 with a total construction expense closing at about 2 billion Swedish Kronor. Inside this building are about 200 shops with an approximate area of 93,000m2.

The mall is three storey with a roof terrace topping measured at 27,000m2 . This is which is approximately four soccer fields. The size of the roof of Emporia accommodates a very large park consisting of faceted landscape lawns, pavilions, and terraces. It also has an outdoor dining and spa facilities. Such a terrace is an added architectural feature that allows creation of amusement parks as new attractions.

Looking at the curvy golden glass it appears to stretch across a grid shell structure curving upwards and back to give room for light during the day. Given the size of the mall and the number of shops inside, it employs close to 3,000 individuals. Maybe if you are looking for a job in Malmö Sweden, there could be something for you to do at this spectacular mall.

Colour and plants

Building of the Emporia shopping centre remains to be one of the biggest developments that aimed to attract visitors from the Station Square. Emporia was created to be a striking complex with a special characteristic of architecture that makes it very unique and distinct from the existing conventional shopping malls.

The mall displays an exquisite sequential vault from a proposal of a previous competition in a combination of a memory from the Pantheon displayed in a bronze-ochre tone with a double-bent glass enclosing the diagonal slit cutting through the building.

A grave level of astonishment still settles of Emporia shopping centre rooftop park from its design which is has a slight cultivated nature with a vegetation comprised of prairie grass, sedum, and trees. The hills provide protection from the wind and hide the mechanical rooms.

Looking straight towards the opposite direction, of the centre lies a second entrance to the mall fitted in blue marine glass panes. At least 800 coloured panes of glass were put to use on these two entrance locations with the names of Sea Entrance and Amber Entrance which is in accordance to their specific colour.

Something more about the design of Emporia Mall

Emporia mall is portioned in five galleries designed in distinct colors for the purpose of helping in the orientation process as the shoppers move through the giant mall. In the sopping center of the giant mall, there is a flower court with elevator towers clad with flowers and seven ropes suspended from the floor to the roof ceiling with house climbing plants.

The elevator court in the giant mall is comprised of close to 3000 plants which really makes this part of the mall appear to be very atmospheric and tranquil. The furnishings within the mall are into detailed and were all planned from scratch. It is true that Emporia mall is a shopping destination but the 4th to the 6th floor comprises of 10,700m2 of office space.

Gert Wingard said tis about the design of Emporia shopping mall

Given the fact that the mall has a very unusual architecture that sets Emporia apart from other shopping malls, Gert Wingardh was aked about his inspiration on creating this unique design. He basically bases his inspiration for the architecture of the emporia on the sky where he stated that they played around with space and light then used glass to open up and bring the sky down to the mall building.

Of course, it is the natural materials like leather and fabric that gives the shoppers a sense of nature belonging. According to Wingardh, their main goal was to establish an environment where everyone would naturally feel comfortable and at home and yet still be able to be surprised by every corner in the mall.

BREEAM Certification

Emporia shopping mall has been awarded a BREEAM certification which requires that there should be a fulfilment of a variety of specific targets. The targets would include the availability of lights, bicycle parking and other very important details that would influence the end results.

The Emporia shopping centre’s technical installations played a key role that made it possible to produce a building that conserves energy. Every product used in building and designing the gigantic mall had a purpose with a specified function that contributed to the sustenance of the architecture.

Contributions of Geberit’s Products

These products were very important in the Emporia project as they made work easier since they were very light, faster to install and easy to work with which saved the installers excessive burden.

The architect chose to employ the use of Geberit Mepla piping systems in place of the traditional piping which would require welding and lifting of heavy pipes. In addition, the use of Geberit products contributed to the reception of the award certification by making it easier to achieve since all materials were all assessed and approved.