poker rules

Five Popular Poker Variants You Must Try

Everybody knows poker. Poker is one of the most popular games worldwide, a battle closely disputed with blackjack. It’s been the theme of movies, novels, academic studies, and countless articles. There are more poker versions today than one can count, but some are more popular than others and influence the …

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things to do in norway

Popular activities to do when you live in Norway

Norway is a versatile country where you can experience everything from climbing mountains, sailing through fjords, visiting busy activity parks and taking part in a bustling city life. The possibilities are many for those who want to experience raw nature, meet a large variety of people with different backgrounds and …

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Interracial Dating and Relationships

Kenny Rodgers’ in his song “coward of the county” tells that “there is someone for everyone.” This line makes so much sense and meaning to immigrants who move into an entirely new society but still find love there. As you will be moving around the world, just trying to mind …

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