Tips for traveling on a budget as a Student in Denmark

By any statistics Denmark still remains to be the happiest country on the globe. This happiness creates a very high sense of positivity  and enthusiasm among students in Denmark. If you did not know, Denmark also has a strategic plan attracting students from within the EU to the country. Two such plans include the SU as a foreign citizen and possibility of student work of up to 20hours on normal school days and full time in the Summer months of June, July and August. 

During the stay in Denmark as a student, travelling to and from university premises is a key item in the budget. Also, when taking a student job, the workplace may be some distance from your residence which then necessitates boarding a train, riding a bicycle or moped, taking a bus or driving a private car. All these means are open to students but the choice of which one to take will greatly affect expenses. Every student can relate that there is always a leaning towards trying to cut down on budget and save as much as possible without compromising on convenience. The case remains similar for students in Denmark. 

Every year, international students throng the Danish university application portal in the hope to secure an admission to some of these best institutions. Only a few always make it to the admission list and even enrollment but after this process, the next process is a deliberate process of trying to manage finances. 

Living in Denmark as a student

Denmark offers a high standard of living inclusive of economic, gender equality, and a well-structured welfare system. Clearly the atmosphere is quite significant to the potential international students. Relocation to a new country can be quite stressful to people especially to young generation students. 

For this reason, the learning environment and place of residence could have a huge impact on a student and their chosen career path. So, making the right choices on how to survive will deliver a moral boost amidst long-term difficulties. It is not only the positive environment, communities and the cities in Denmark that benefit students. The social security system, accessibility, and additional financial facilities give students a morale boost.

It is also a major fact to note that life in Denmark is not a walk in the park though. It is quite expensive in terms of food, transport, and accommodation. It is for this reason that as a student, you must have a unique designed means of survival. Since transportation in Denmark can be a major headache, there are some ways students use to allow them to travel cheaply in Denmark. 

Student Life in Denmark 

The most affordable and student friendly cities in the world are present in Denmark. Copenhagen and Aalborg are examples of some very affordable and also accommodative cities for students in Denmark. 

Other than studying, a student will need some time off books and clear their heads with a little fun and educational tour. Copenhagen has some of the most popular entertaining attractions in Denmark. Look at the Tivoli gardens, the Blue Planet, and even Christiansburg.

Literature students will probably be driven towards a visit to the Odense. Here you can have a chance to see the museum dedicated to Christian Andersen. The great thing about Denmark lies around its great historical and site seeing artifacts and historical scenery. History students will obviously need lots of travelling. 

Prepping for Summer as a Student in Denmark 

When it is summer time in Denmark, the season for travelling around the state is always knocking at the door. Students are not left out of the trail to go out and experience what the awe-inspiring country has in store for them. Of course, there is a bounty of traditions, culture, and places to visit. 

Seeing Denmark should be on your must do list for the summer budget as a student, especially an international student. In Denmark, the academic year ends in June. Most students persevere for two more weeks to enjoy summer. All you got to do is take a break and start prepping for the trip to see Denmark. While at it, have in mind the issue of cost effectiveness.

What students in Denmark do to travel safely

There are tips that students in Denmark are already using everyday to beat costs of travelling especially on normal school days. There are also extra hacks for saving costs when taking a vacation or just making adventure travels to some of the great attractions in Denmark. One regular tactic is signing up for Youth Card (Ungdomskort) , which allows students a subsidized fare for travel within a given radius, specifically from registered address to the school.

Here is the long on tactics to get around costs of travelling as a student in Denmark.

1. Learning about the Everyday Travel Costs

The very first question that will often cross a student’s mind with travelling is the cost. You will ask yourself this question, is it expensive to travel in Denmark if you are a student? It won’t come as a surprise though since Denmark is tagged as an expensive country. One fact is that, although expensive, Denmark’s services are top notch.

So, any student will definitely be expecting high prices while travelling. But this is not possible everywhere in Denmark. Copenhagen is costly to travel but this is not the case in the other smaller cities and the areas considered rural. Before embarking on any trip, the students in Denmark always ensure to learn travel costs. 

They basically ensure to check on the prices for accommodation in their destination. Either private or public cost effectiveness is their motto. Cities like Ishoj, Borre, or Aarhus in most cases offer lower prices. Additionally, most students in Denmark prefer to use hostels for their accommodation. However, hostels can be less convenient. 

For food, eating out in Denmark can also be very costly. So, most students in Denmark prefer cooking by themselves. This is the reason why hostels and renting of private rooms take a lead role. These two accommodations are likely to grant a student access to the kitchen and they cook food and pack.

2. Being Aware of their Trip’s Budget 

Planning and sticking to your budget will definitely save you the burden of any impulsive purchases. Impulsive buying can lead anybody to spending in excess and ending up left with nothing. In fact, you could be left hanging in the middle of your trip. 

Most students in Denmark ensure that they stick to their budget and financial plan. Any student does not require to visit a fancy restaurant or overpriced areas to get their real budgeted prices. What the students mostly do in Denmark is to move around the city eating homemade food as they interact with locals

From such activity students don’t spend much but rather gain much information to aid their pragmatic budget planning. But while at it, you must also plan your budget as you consider the duration of your trip. 

3. Knowing How to Get Around

Students have learnt several convenient ways on how to travel around Denmark and they strive to travel as cheap as possible. Some students have tried to practise hitchhiking though it may sound weird to most Danes. With the concept of hitchhiking students don’t get to worry about money. 

However, as a hitchhiker it is a courtesy to contribute a small portion of the cost of gas. The Danes though will not ask for any payment from you. In addition, the students who are hitchhikers never worry about safety, Denmark is considered one of the safest countries.

Other hitchhiking students have adopted the idea of renting a bike. In Denmark there are several interesting cycling routes and renting a bike is cheaper. Besides, some students who can drive and have their driving licences, also rent cars. The cost of renting a car and a bike is more or less the same.

All in all, going by bus has always been an option for most students in Denmark. They normally travel cheaply by bus using Flixbus. Travelling by bus however is considered more expensive than renting a car or bike but you may be lucky to get discounts. Booking your bus ticket in advance is the secret.

Employing Useful Apps to Reduce Costs

Regardless of your location, budgeted travelling is possible anywhere or everywhere. Students in Denmark are able to save a reasonable amount of money through the use of various apps. For students here, they have discovered the essence of befriending fantastic people and end up spending their summer in a fantastic way. 

Apps like “too good to go”, “trustroots” or “Rome2Rio” are just some great examples of apps that students use. With these apps you are able to find hosts and stay at their home free of charge. From the apps there are numerous people who will be willing to host you. Such apps make student’s travelling and touring in Denmark very stress free. 

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