Popular activities to do when you live in Norway

Norway is a versatile country where you can experience everything from climbing mountains, sailing through fjords, visiting busy activity parks and taking part in a bustling city life. The possibilities are many for those who want to experience raw nature, meet a large variety of people with different backgrounds and interests, or just learn more about Norway.

Even though Norway is an elongated country, it is easy to get transport and find your way around. Often, you will see that it is arranged for visitors and tourists, even if the communication takes place in languages other than Norwegian. Whether you are new to Norway or born there, there is an enormous amount to experience for those who are looking. We have listed some activities here, which are guaranteed to give you something to think about or memories for life.

Read on so you do not have to look so much further for activities in Norway

In a modern, digital world, all we need is to include gaming, games and online casinos. These are activities that young and old can participate in, and where you can meet people from all over the world, participate in tournaments and in many cases win big cash prizes.

Online casino – Norwegian favorite

Online Casino is a popular activity in Norway

Online casino is definitely a Norwegian favorite. There are a large number of Norwegian online casinos where you can play a large variety of casino games. Here we can in passing mention slot machines, Live Casino, odds games and scratch cards. It is also not without reason that online casinos are so popular. Often there will be a small community of players, who exchange experiences and strategies, something you will especially see when you play bingo or Live Black Jack.

Slot machines are also popular, as Mega Joker Slot , Jackpot 6000 and many other Norwegian slot machines. An online casino often has tournaments where you can win even more prizes. Let us also not forget jackpot machines where there are many examples of Norwegians who have won millions of kroner.

Is e-sports the new scourge?

E-sports are popular with young people all over the world – also in Norway.

We can not mention digital games without stopping by esport or gaming. As in the rest of the world, this form of fun is popular with especially young Norwegians, but which suits everyone, regardless of age, gender or other preferences.

The Gathering in particular is important to mention in this context. This is a gathering where thousands of people meet in Vikinghallen, to play computer games, either against each other or alone. Those who do not believe computer games can be social are very wrong, if we are to believe the numbers: 5000 show up every Easter to participate!

Take a look yourself how popular The Gathering is.

Diving in Sørlandet

Sørlandet is known for hot days, beach life and skerries. What many do not know is that it is also hugely popular to dive there. You can dive down to old wrecks or fish with a harpoon. To be able to dive in Norway, you must of course have the diving license, but you can take this as a holiday or you can take it in advance, before you go on a wreck dive.

Many wrecks have an exciting history. For example, KNM Kjell, which was a Norwegian torpedo ship. The ship participated in both 1. and World War II for Norway, and participated in the evacuation of 300 sailors, before it was hijacked by the Germans in 1940. After the war, KNM Kjell was returned to Norway and sunk on the southern coast. The wreck is now at a depth of 40 meters and is a popular destination for wreck divers today.

Nature, fishing and hunting

Norway is widely known for fjords and a bustling coastal life. This is part of the Norwegian cultural heritage and until modern times an important part of the livelihood of most people. Today, much of this cultural heritage has been preserved, and much effort has been put into making it accessible to all. For example, we can mention DTU which takes care of hiking trails and open cabins all over the country, which everyone can use. In Norway, you will also find the right of public access, which says you can pitch a tent anywhere, as long as it is at least 100 meters from the residence.

Or what about kayaking in the fjords?

So what can you use all these opportunity for? Yes, the simple outdoor life that gives peace of mind and energy to handle a busy everyday life, as most people have. Many people take advantage of the many opportunities to fish, either in freshwater or saltwater. Here you should be aware of the rules for fishing licenses etc. Hunting is also an opportunity. You can rent on hunting ground or be part of a hunting team. To hunt, you must have a gun license and an approved hunting license.

Visit important museum and Nidaros Cathedral

Visiting a museum may seem a bit boring, after reading about diving, hunting and various games, but there are some museums you must visit. The Viking Museum and the Petroleum Museum are two particularly important institutions that can teach you to understand Norway and Norwegians.

Get the grand tour of the viking ship muesum – all via YouTube. No need to get out of your couch.

The Viking Museum in Oslo (located not too far from the Fram Museum) makes a good attempt to give you a deep understanding of the Viking culture and how it shaped Norway. Viking has a strong presence in Norwegian culture and the self-perception of the average Norwegian. Therefore, this museum is a must for those who want to understand the history and culture of Norway.

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim is the very symbol of the Viking Age as well as Christianity on which much of the cultural heritage of Norwegians is built – when it was founded on the tomb of Olav the Holy – the Viking king who has the credit for Norway becoming Christian.

The Oil Museum in Stavanger is a journey through the rapid, technological development Norway has experienced since the 60s. Here you can experience what it is like to sit in a diving watch and what a drill bit looks like. Informative videos give you an insight into why and how Norway discovered oil, and how this affected everything from economics to safety analyzes.